Sometimes I may be given a product to review and post a review on my blog. I’ll make it clear that this is a review and I will give my honest opinion of the product (even if it is bad).

Here’s the reviews so far:

The Mumpreneur Guide by Antonia Chitty. 

How to be an ‘Amzing Mum’ when you just don’t have the time

Ecover power cleaner vs Cilit Bang degreaser

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner

Ecover Window and Glass Cleaner vs Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner

Maclaren Beginnings Nappy Change Protecting Balm


3 responses to “Reviews

  1. Hi,

    I run the baby/toddler site I was wondering if you might be intersted in reviewing on of our products? If the answer is yes please reply with the kind of things you kids are into and I will make some suggestions



    • worldofamummy

      Hi Trevor

      that sounds great – the kids are currently into wooden toys (preferably without any small pieces that the little beast can swallow – R.I.P felt farmer) or creative / imaginative play – they’d also be willing guinea pigs for any of the more ‘boring’ products like child proofing.

      Kind Regards


  2. Hi Ellen, I manage all of the online activities at Little
    Dish and I was wondering if you would like a copy of the Little
    Dish Cookbook and some Little Dish meals to taste test with your
    boys and review on your blog. Please let me know if this is of
    interest. You can find out more about us on our website: I look forward to hearing from you. Best
    wishes, Charlotte

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