Review: Ecover window and glass cleaner and Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner

When we first looked at this house, years ago before we even thought about having children we fell in love with the light airy feeling you get from having every internal door downstairs filled with 9 glass panels and very little wood. Three and half years down the line I often wonder what sort of idiot thinks glass in doors is good, we can live vampirishly without natural light quite happily thank you.

When Ben learned to crawl he discovered the joy of smearing his hands on the glass panes (and the mirrored sliding wardrobe’s upstairs) and this joy has intensified as he grew older. When I worked and spent a good chunk of the day outside the house I could tolerate a certain grubbiness but now that my home is my workspace and there is no friendly cleaner coming around at 6 every evening I have developed a mania for cleaning the glass panes in the door. It makes a difference to the room, even without looking directly at the door it all seems cleaner and nicer if a grubby door isn’t in your peripheral vision turning the sunlight greyish.

My normal way of cleaning the glass is a Kim and Aggie trick which I’ve adapted. I fill a spray with warm water and white vinegar, throw in some tea tree oil to try to hide the smell of vinegar and spray the glass. I give it a quick going over with a cloth before drying it off with newspaper (yes newspaper, I don’t know why but it works).

My husband has occasionally asked why I can’t use a ‘proper’ window cleaner (normally when the smell of vinegar gets too much for him), I don’t like using harsh chemicals because Ben and I are asthmatic, I’ve no idea if the fumes given off by commerical cleaning things can trigger an attack but I will do anything I can to keep my little champ wheeze and cough free, hence the old fashioned vinegar and newspaper treatment.

 As part of the goodie bag of cleaning goods ecover sent me I had a couple of window and glass cleaning bottles. Well my house is the ideal glass cleaning testing ground. My glass doors are covered in grimy toddler hand prints as soon as I have finished cleaning them so I put my vinegar back in the cupbaord and got busy.

Left side ecover cleaned, middle section Ben dirtied.

Left side ecover cleaned, middle section Ben dirtied.

I started by testing the column of panes nearest to the door handle with ecover windown and glass cleaner, no nasty smell and it seemed to cut through the grease quite easily, I did need some elbow grease on the lower panes, but no more than I normally need. It was a one step process, spray on, wipe off. No newspaper print on my hands. OK so far, so good, a bit quicker than vinegar and newspaper and as effective (without the vinegar smell).

I then tried the Mr Muscle on the next column, again it was a spray on and wipe off job (I used paper kitchen roll for both, but both recommend using a dry cloth to make it really sparkle). I couldn’t see a difference in the cleaning or how well it tackled dried on toddler gubbins but I really didn’t like the smell, it hit the back of my throat and seemed over perfumed.

The third and final column of my door was cleaned by the winner, Ecover Glass and Window cleaner.


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