Review: How to be an ‘Amazing Mum’ When you Just Don’t Have the Time

I was sent a copy of Tanith Carey’s How to be an Amazing Mum When You Just Don’t Have the Time to review.

Amazing Mum

It is designed to be read in little chunks, during nap time, waiting for ballet lessons to end etc… as its written by a mum of two little girls there are probably more useful tips for parents of girls than boys (I thankfully don’t have to deal with long hair for my boys).

There are some very useful tips (get a milkman as the online service allows you to place an adhoc order in the evening for a pint or two in the morning, use vegetable oil on shoes rather than coloured polish) but I felt that some of the tips assume a larger budget than some people have at the momment, yes a good high quality dishwasher is very useful in keeping the kitchen (and whole family) moving but if we had to get a new one (hopefully we won’t as we only replaced ours six months ago) now that I’m giving up work it would be a cheap family sized one, as my Mum pointed out the milkman would also cost more than walking to the 24 hour tesco’s (not that Dairy Crest cover our area anyway).

I especially liked some of the housework tips, like cleaning your fridge before the online delivery man comes to refill the fridge and putting greaseproof paper on top of cupboards rather than regularly cleaning the top of your cupboard (I must confess, I haven’t managed to do it once so it must be really gross up there!).

Last night, I tried the tip on wahing hair with a sponge rather than simply empty a toy bucket of water over Ben’s head but sadly that didn’t work for us, the sponge rinsing took too long and seemed to prolong the agony of rinsing the shampoo out, that said I do think that on a child who isn’t completely phobic about hair washing the sponge trick could be very useful.

I liked the suggestions for getting older children to help with housework and I think that as the boys grow up I’ll try to implement some more of Tanith’s suggestions in our family. Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to follow Tanith’s tips for looking good, I haven’t managed to apply eyeliner neatly, ever, and hardly ever wear make-up (I’m too much of a slob) but if I ever find my self-respect buried under the laundry and kids’ toys I’ll try her suggestions on looking good.

Yes, you could google a lot of the issues and get similar tips and suggestions but the whole premise of the book is that you are time starved, and therefore unlikely to have much time for googling hair washing solutions or how to clean a child’s school shoes so for quick inspiration in a hurry I think this book would do the trick.


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