Review: Ecover Power Cleaner vs Cilit Bang Power Cleaner degreaser

Wow a few days ago I recieved a whole truck load of cleaning products. Not every woman would be delighted at a gift of 8 bottles of cleaning solution, clothes and rubber gloves, but thankfully these weren’t a hint from my other half but a product trial from Ecover.

They’ve developed a range of ecosurfacants (no I haven’t got a clue what it means) and the basic upshot is that they have four products (All purpose cleaner, window cleaner, multisurface spray and power cleaner) which are ph balanced and apparently can be used safely without gloves. I decided that my grimy manky oven door would be tackled this morning (see domestic drudgery for the saga of my oven).

The oven door - just waiting to be cleaned. I am ashamed to post pictures of my oven in all its mankiness but here it is earlier this morning. Yes it is gross. To make the trial vaguely scientific after struggling with the child safe lid I squirted the ecover power cleaner onto one half of the oven door only.


I let it sit for a minute and then got scrubbing. Half ecovered. Amazingly the grime came off easily (I was rushing as I had to get to a doctors appointment), there was no nasty smell, no fumes hitting the back of my throat and no gloves needed.

I then squirted liberal amounts of Cilit Bang on the other half, donned my gloves and got scrubbing. It definately lifted some of the grime, but not as much as the Ecover had.

The end result. In the battle of the oven door ecover is a definate winner, it cleaned better than Cilit Bang for me, didnt smell of chemicals or bleach and best of all required no gloves! All joking aside I was amazed that a eco friendly product could out perform a ‘proper’ chemical one.


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