Review: Ecover All Purpose Cleaner and the hell raiser has a hair cut

We had a typical weekend, hubby got immersed in a project (operation re-seal the bath and re-grout the bathroom tiles) I looked after the kids and despaired at the grubby state of the house. A while ago hubby dusted off the high chair ready for Ciaran to use, when I looked at it I saw that he had cleaned the plasticky seat but that the straps remained filthy.

Before operation clean the straps. What sadist decided that it would be good to have ridges and bumps in a highchairs straps – little bits of weetabix get lodged in there and remain there, forming a nice surface to wipe over with the anti-bacterial every day. So yesterday I decided to get tough and clean the high chair straps. The downside of being sent cleaning products to review is that you have to own up to being a really bad housewife as the ‘before’ picture of my highchair shows.

Ecover all purpose cleaner would normally be diluted in a bucket of water, but could be used neat for stubborn stains, well if year old weetabix and baked bean juice isn’t a stubborn stain I don’t know what is. While I waited for the water in the kettle to cool enough for me to make Ciaran’s bottles I dunked my cloth into the cleaner and got to work. 

Halfway through the job!

Spot the clean strap!

Again I was impressed, my expectations of a normal cleaner were exceeded, let alone my expections of a natural cleaner. It smelt nice (no acrid burning in the back of your throat from bleach, and no over sweet perfume to make you gag) and was ph neutral enough for me (with my very dry sensitive skin) to use without gloves (hooray – I hate gloves more than I hate cleaning!).  

Having cleaned the straps I washed them again with warm water on the cloth to rinse the straps. As you can see there is a massive improvement, I was going to test it against some Flash All Purpose, but I was so happy with its marvellous cleaning power and I didn’t really want something too chemically against Ciaran’s baby soft skin. So ecover all purpose cleaner gets a big thumbs up.

The other exciting things from the weekend are that Ben had another hair cut courtesy of my Aunt (a former hairdresser) and now looks like a very grown up little boy with less Shirley Temple style curls.

The other big big big event is that my cousin and his partner, Ria, will be having their baby this week. The induction is booked for tommorrow. Its weird to think that there will be another baby in the family and that Ciaran won’t be the youngest anymore. I can’t wait to have someone else who knows what it is like to be more exhausted than you thought possible, covered in baby sick but to still be more fulfilled than you imagined you could feel (thats a rare fleeting momment in between the long periods of frustration and cleaning but it makes parenting worth it!).  Good luck Rob and Ria. xxx


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