Review: Maclaren Beginning Protecting Nappy Change Balm

Beginning Full rangeWhen I heard that Maclaren were looking for people to review Beginning, their new mother and baby range I was excited, I waited by the door dreaming of a nice hot bath, I was slightly saddened to see that the beneficiary of the review would be Ciaran’s bottom when I recieved Protecting Nappy Change Balm.

It was brilliant timing as a combination of a nasty cold and teething had given Ciaran a ‘busy bottom’ and bright red nappy rash. OK lets have a go I thought, this will be a tough test, both my boys rarely get nappy rash but when they get it tends to hang around like an unwanted guest for ages.

I squirted it into my hand and nearly laughed out loud, it was the texture of a body lotion rather than the thick sudocream texture I expected. The smell was lovely, chamomile and lavender, fresh and light. Probably not a scent that I would put on Ben’s bottom (his Dad wouldn’t appreciate his little man smelling like a girl) but a lovely smell for a little baby. If nothing else Ciaran’s bottom would be very pleasant to smell for a few minutes before he re-filled his nappy.

The lotion went on really easily and was qucikly absorbed by his skin, cheekily I decided to rub the excess into my dry hands – nice, maybe Ciaran wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from this (one word of warning, with your hands slathered in nappy protecting balm your wriggly baby’s legs will be hard to grab and put back in trousers as I discovered).

Happy nappy balm'd baby.

Happy nappy balm'd baby.

I was honestly suprised when his nappy rash seemed a little better at the next nappy change. After using the cream at every nappy change of the day and putting a slightly thicker layer on before bedtime Ciaran’s nappy rash had gone. My hands were much softer and didn’t have the little dry skin cracks that I normally have.

The range is based on holistic principles to meet the emotional and physical needs of mothers and babies, the essential oils are used in combinations (and strengths) that are safe to use in pregnancy and the early days of babyhood. These products are Soil Association approved and have been tested on sensitive skin. What’s not to love?  

Well this is a luxury product, when we were a two-income, one baby, pre-recession family I would probably have forked out £50 on a Comforting Gift set for Ben based on the fact that I liked the smell, principles, the organic ingrediants and thought it looked cute; now in these leaner times I think I would have difficulty ignoring the little pots of free sudocream that came with the Bounty Bags and paying for a luxury item.

I do think that if you know someone who is going to have a baby or has just had a baby then this range is definately worth looking at, or if you and your baby want to feel really pampered and loved then a Maclaren Beginning Set would be an excellent purchase. If anyone loves me enough to want to spend money on me then feel free, it all looks great and as an incentive to treat me Maclaren are offering 10% off when you spend over £20 on Beginning Products before the end of October 2009 if you use the following promotion code summer09.


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One response to “Review: Maclaren Beginning Protecting Nappy Change Balm

  1. A McAuliffe

    This is the best cream I have found for my baby. I use it as a general purpose cream and it is amazing on my own dry hands which are no longer dry! The only problem is that it is not widely available! Buy three bottles at a time I say!!

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