Being my own boss? (Review of Mumpreneur guide)

As you, faithful reader, will know; I am considering resigning at the council and being a stay at home mummy to the boys. I don’t plan to give up work entirely and had initially planned to carry on doing some consultancy. Its a simple system, another company refers parents to me, I discuss their case advise them and then if I can give them further help (writing cases, representing them at an appeal hearing) I do.

I was sent a copy of The Mumpreneur Guide by Antonia Chity to review and I am really glad that I was. Its basically a work book, you work your way through exercises in each chapter to identify your strengths, draw up a business plan, identify ways to market your business and so on. There are plenty of real life examples from Mums who have done it and gone onto be sucesses, from the founder of Jojomamanbebe to a woman who set up a baking class in my local area.

I’ve only read it once and to use it properly I need to sit down with a pen and paper and go through it slowly over the next couple of weeks but it has made me think about setting up my own business offering appeals advice rather than relying on someone else to send me customers. I already keep my own accounts, file a tax return etc… but some of the suggestions were ones that I hadn’t thought of before, like contacting the Princes Trust while I am still young enough, using sites like Facebook to promote my business and so on.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have an inkling that you want to start up in business; if you want to know how to do it and manage your family commitments then this is a great book, it doesn’t pretend that it is easy going (as someone who has finished her last call of the night at quarter to ten before drafting a case, and months later been reduced to tears by her tax return I promise being self employed is not easy) but it does help you formulate your ideas into a concrete plan and has (maybe) given me the kick up the backside I need to go it alone.


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