The news we already knew…

.. but never thought would be publically said.

Today we have all had it confirmed that Blair and Bush would have gone to war with Iraq regardless of WMD.

As someone in the firmly anti-war camp (there must have been easier ways to do this – the CIA has been destabilising and propping up government regimes around the world for years) I actually felt a bit numb when I read today that Blair had admitted so cooly that he would go to war anyhow as Saddam was a threat to the whole region and was killing his own people…

Mugabe has been a brutal and corrupt dictator for years, his supporters have apparently killed opposition and broke a babies legs as a warning, yet even after white farmers were forcibly evicted from their land there was no action taken.

Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest in Burma, a country that will not allow democracy or the freedom to disagree peacefully with its policies.

The Darfur crisis is also starting to affect Chad. Yet, in this poor country both the US and UK have been contented to leave this peace-keeping mission to the UN. 

Strange, to think that we (as tax payers) pay our dues to the UN and ask it to police the world for us and for everyone, and yet when the UN deemed there to be insufficient grounds for war Bush and Blair decided that for the good of the people they would go to war in Iraq regardless of what the world and their people thought. Strange that they picked Iraq as their chance to save the world for democracy, an oil rich country at a time when oil prices are holding us to ransom…

I was suprised that Tony Blair was so honest, but maybe he could have given us the full truth … that the price of oil per barrel was a bigger consideration than the needs of the Iraqi people.

(rant over…. normal mundane Mummy business will be resumed shortly)


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