About fairies

Since becoming a stay at home Mum I have been forced by circumstances to become domesticated. I have an awful confession to make, until recently I was the slovenly one in our relationship. My side of the bed is a tip, my bedside table overflows with books and perfumes but I can live with that.

Now that my home is my workplace some domestic goddessery has slipped into my life. Not only do I make jams (I even made lemon curd yesterday – and a massive meringue with the left over egg whites to be smeared with the spoonful or so of curd that I couldn’t get into the jars) and cook most dinners from scratch I now clean.

Now, obviously this is fair. I am at home all day. My other half goes out to work. But you would think that at weekends and maybe even in the evenings domestic duties could be shared, but no. It seems that there is a fairy in the area who does the laundry.

Sometimes members of the family may manage to put clothes in the washing machine and switch it on. On rare occasions people even manage to take the half dried clothes out (our washer dryer is old than our marriage) and hang them over the airer in the office and if enough shouting is performed it has been known for people to take dry clothes off the airer and dump them on the landing.

Here’s where the laudry fairy comes in.

She puts the washing on, she hangs it out in the summer or hangs it (in the correct way) over the airer. She re-organises the airer when someone has thrown clothes over it wily nily in an attempt to lessen her workload. She then (and this is the amazing part) takes dry clothes off the airer to make space for newly dampened ones, folds the dry clothes up and puts them away upstairs.

We also have fairies who was the baby’s bottles by hand, feed the hungry baby (nobody else really wants to be covered in weetabix, scrambled egg or have pieces of toast lobbed at them) and one to clean the kitchen floor.

Does anyone else have fairies, or are we uniquely blessed?



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5 responses to “About fairies

  1. Vic

    Any chance you could send some of those fairies over to my place?

  2. suburbanmummyuk

    The fairy in my house is a total babe. Not only does she always look hot, she does it all and pretty much says nothing about it. I think the King fairy likes this. Queen Fairy does demand or occasionally request some time out for haircuts but mostly she is always there flitting about.

    I do think perhaps I need to tell her not to use the internet as much though.

    • worldofamummy

      Snap – the fairy in this house left a note asking to be excused on friday for a pre Christmas hair and beautician session. She also asked for money for this. People did ask why it has to cost so much – but this fairy loves her hairdresser too much to go anywhere cheaper!

  3. brighteyesblue

    We have a fab fairy to! This one is rather tired though………really need a ‘duvet day’ fairy to do everything so I can stay in bed all day and do nothing……lol…………well I can at least daydream……..about the elf I’d like in bed with me too! ha!ha!

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