Food, glorious food

After a long break I’ve come back to Able and Cole. We stopped their deliveries when Ciaran was born, I was too busy breastfeeding to cook and DH was too busy looking after me, Ciaran and Ben to cook so rather than waste good food we stopped getting the mixed fruit and veg box every other week.

I decided that now I have more time (or maybe just the ability to blank out a screaming child) I would order from them again. I decided to treat us to the organic deluxe box and some extra fruit (you can’t get a mixed fruit and veg deluxe box), I then discovered that ecover was ten pence cheaper through Able and Cole than at the local rip off merchant (aka Flitwick Tesco’s) so I ordered that too.

Today I opened the door (shamefully still unwashed in a dressing gown and holding a baby spoon) to the Able and Cole man and manhandled my three boxes inside. As soon as I opened the fruit box Ben swooped in. He was given a clementine to be getting on with while I unpacked the rest, he seemed to inhale the clementine and came back to grab a pear from the box, this was returned to me as it was too hard (I had warned him), a banana was requested but I explained that they needed a little more time to get nice and ripe so another clementine was offered and again inhaled.

He then helped me unpack the veg box, excitedly telling me about all the veg whose names he knew (pepper, courgette, tomato, mushroom) and asking what the other ones were (butternut squash, spinach, black salisfy, leeks).

My only problem now is that I have no idea how to cook black salsify – so any good cooks out there please step up to the mark and leave me a few black salsify tips in the comments (any advice always very gratefully recieved).



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4 responses to “Food, glorious food

  1. Vic

    I’ve got no idea what black salsify is – I googled it and came up with from A&C and I still have no idea what it is. Time for wikipedia methinks.

  2. worldofamummy

    Yeah I checked Able and Cole – I was hoping to roast it (I think root veg taste best roasted) and give it to Ciaran as finger food and just give it to Ben to be demolished or rejected as yukky. It looks like I’ll be washing, boiling and peeling it this lunchtime.

    So far Ben is on his third clementine (and I actually offered him cake as a distraction from fruit). I don’t think the fruit bowl will last the weekend!

  3. Lydia

    Hugh Fearlessly-Eats-it-all was roasting salsify the other day I think… sounded yummy!!

    I think things like parsnic and celeriac were recommended as alternatives for us poor souls without access to salsify 🙂

    • worldofamummy

      I did nick a little from Ciaran and Ben (I parboiled and then roasted) and it was lovely – a sort of chestnutty flavour but not at all bitter – very mellow and yummy. LOL at Hugh Fearlessly-Eats-it-all!

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