Bedtime routine – a near perfect night!

We are starting to get a little slicker at bedtime now. Last night was a great bedtime by our (poor) standards.

6:30pm: I go upstairs to put away all the laundry from the day, tell Daddy to bring boys up and run a bath for Ciaran.

6:45pm: having completely lost voice yelling at Daddy to do it now finally get both boys upstairs, undress Ciaran while Daddy runs a bath.

6:48pm: send Daddy back to bathroom to put some warm water in cold bath.

6:50pm: get Ciaran’s face washed and put him bath.

6:55pm: while Ben helps by washing Ciaran’s hair and my hair get told not to move as Daddy has discovered my first grey hair (I’ve been grey spotting for over 4 years for him so this was a big momment for him). Let him pull out loads of hair before he finds the one grey hair and crows triumphantly.

7:00pm: Dry off clean smelling baby while Daddy jokes around putting Ben in Ciaran’s baby bath. Ben cry’s as he cant sit down and the water is cold.

7:05pm: Daddy finally takes empty bath and Ben to bathroom and starts running Ben’s bath.

7:10pm: check up on Daddy – huge cloud of bubbles threatens to engulf me as I open the door. Remind him that he arranged for his parents to call at 8pm and he needs to get a move on.

7:15pm: settle down to feed Ciaran in bed, joined a little later by a wet naked boy to watch the Simpsons in our bed while he gets dressed into a body suit for bed and Daddy makes milk.

7:30pm: Ben and Daddy leave the bedroom to go to Ben’s room with milk. Remind Daddy that he needs to leave Ben calm and sleepy but awake.

7:50pm: Ciaran miraculously drops off to sleep before 8 – notice that it is very quiet in Ben’s room, discover that Daddy has fallen asleep in Ben’s bed. Wake Daddy up (how is Ben going to learn to settle himself if you keep sleeping with him – I can’t help it if my body needs to sleep etc…) and lie down next to Ben to settle him.

8:05pm: go downstairs feeling proud that both boys are settled and in bed so early hurray

8:20pm: hear Daddy’s mobile phone ringing….. in our bedroom where Ciaran is no longer asleep.

8:30pm: mouth death threats to Daddy as he talks happily to his parents and I stomp upstairs to feed and re-settle Ciaran.

9:00pm: back downstairs – for good this time.

Not bad – Ciaran is definately getting used to not being cuddled all the time, and is currently napping upstairs, he was up at 6am so after 2 hours of feeding and playing he was ready for his morning nap, sadly he was also up at 12 midnight, night walking seems to be back in his schedule of things to do at the momment. I’m not too worried as he is still very young to be sleeping through the night and we are changing his day time routine (from no routine to having a routine) so he is bound to be making changes as he adjusts.


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