A weekend at home

Recently every weekend has had something going on, birthdays, guests, application forms, dinners out and we have been very frazzled. This is the first weekend in ages where we have been settled at home and both getting into the groove of a family with two kids. Our aims for this weekend were to get the front garden done (you can hardly see out the window for roses and fuschias) and to look at bathrooms suites – we only managed the garden.

On Saturday I took the boys to my parents for a little bit (Ben loves his grandparents to bits, and is always asking me to take him there – Ninny? Yes Yes?). Ben and I had lunch at my parents, posh chicken nuggets for him with cous cous, salad, crab sticks, salmon and gherkins for me and my Mum before heading home. We then decided to risk the weather and head to Willen Lake, we decided to be reckless and put Ciaran in the stroller rather than have him lying flat in the (heavy and huge) double buggy. I figured that it would be OK as I could recline it to 45 degree’s and his neck control is quite good.

Sadly our recklessness extended to forgetting that tiny babies need to have a parasol up when it is sunny (the only really hot sunny part of the weekend was when we were at Willen Lake without a hat for either child – whoops!). We walked a bit and then retreated to the car where everyone (except me) had a nice snack, mint cornetto and mint feast for Daddy and Ben (feeding in the boot of the car), milk for Ciaran (feeding in the front of the car). Daddy complimented me on my self control with my diet before taking our hot tots home through woburn to look at the deer.

Ben ended up being allowed to sit up watching TV as he had his bath and hair wash earlier than normal (he was covered in chocolate profiteroles – his Daddy said that my diet better not affect his eating and it clearly doesn’t) and as I went upstairs with Ciaran his Daddy was in the kitchen washing up. He came out and Ben was sitting on the sofa watching the Simpson’s an hour later. Ben went up to bed around 8pm just after Ciaran fell asleep (short lived, I was back upstairs within 15 minutes). A quick go on the wii fit and a beer ended my evening.

Today I’ve been busily making a roast with the trimmings (both men disapproved of my yorkshire pudding portions, apparently Ben wants two individual yorkshire puddings and his Daddy wants four). Ben was a good boy and ate all of his brocoli, carrots and sweetcorn as well as the stuffing balls, yorkshire and a roast potato (with all that exciting food who would bother with chicken?). He was given a banana for pudding.

I then went out and took the advice of my personal IT type consultant  aka Daddy. I returned home half an hour later (my walk was stopped by torrential rain so I drove to Tesco’s) with a Cadburys Caramel for him and EA Active. I am impressed, I’ve only done one workout and it seems OK, not too hard but fun.

Anyhow – Ben’s bedtime has gone horribly wrong (lots of giggling and screaming) so I’m going up.


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