Settling down?

Is Ciaran finally getting the hang of a routine? The last couple of days I have got 2 naps out of him each day, one mid morning and one at lunch. Today he has fallen asleep in the bouncy chair rather than his moses basket but I’ll let that one go. He is also getting a bit better at just lying down on the floor and amusing himself for oooh all of a couple of minutes at a time; its a move in the right direction!

Ben has been unsettled all morning – lots of tantrums and hysterics from him. Eventually I cracked and asked my Mum to come over after her lunch, she looked after the kids while I hoovered (chinese rice for lunch is yummy and quite healthy but very messy), got washing in and out etc…

The boy’s Daddy has just got home from work early – are we all going for a walk to the park to amuse and exercise Ben (and me) – no we have quickly switched CBeebies off to watch the Ashes so I am expecting more tantrums before bedtime!


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