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Mothers Day!!

Baby B is getting older and I am getting closer to having to leave him and go back to work – boo! I got a card today, no present as apparently Baby B hadn’t picked up on all of the hints (like me asking him and his Daddy if they wanted to go into Hotel Chocolat without me!) and had planned to take me out to lunch forgetting that:

a) everywhere would be over booked, offering a special mothers day menu and over priced
b) we were going to my Mum and Dads for moussaka.

Never mind. I can cope without a present, no £100 Nintendo brain training for this mummy, no £5 box of chocs either. I should stop moaning as I am being taken on holiday in a few days.

We’ve come across a few snags in our holiday
1. I hate using the Lindam microwave steriliser bags as you can only fit one tommee tippee bottle, ring, lid and teat in at a time, a week of this would kill me and I cant boil sterilise the teats.
2. Baby B still goes into the baby bath not the big boy bath. He goes nuts in the big boy bath.
3. The travel company (UK TV Travel shop I think) was sent our flight tickets by Monarch, but rather than sending them onto us, they lost them.
4. Dinner is served at the hotel from 7pm onwards, Baby B is tired and demanding a bath, cuddle and bottle of milk from 6pm ready to be asleep by 7pm.
5. SMA Gold isnt available in Lanzarote. SMA tins are heavy, too heavy to carry in our cases if we want to wear clothes on holiday!
Using a combination of my genius and my husbands good telephone negotiating skills we have the following in place.

1 – a company is (hopefully) going to rent a steam steriliser to us, for £10 a week this is a godsend.
2 – the same company will (hopefully) rent a baby bath to us.
3 – We are getting to Gatwick even earlier than before (we now get up at 4.30am to get ready) to pick up our tickets from the Cosmos desk.
4 – we are trying to make Baby B stay up later. Last night a picnic supper of apple and cracker on the floor at 5pm helped us push bath and bedtime back to 6.20.
5 – I’ll try decanting some SMA gold powder into click and lock boxes, which I’ll wash on the dishwashers most intensive programme first. These will weigh less than the tins so we can carry some powder in our cases. Once I get past security I will buy as many SMA cartons as we can fit into our bags to take with us. If all this runs out Baby B will have to try the Spanish version of Cow and Gate, with all the fruit he eats I doubt changing formula will upset his digestion.

All looks set to go OK. I hope (please God don’t let anything go to wrong, don’t let me go grey with nerves and help me keep my temper!)

As today was mothers day I was able to have a shower while Baby B’s Daddy started the day off with weetabix and toast, Baby B had been up at 2am for a feed, 6am for a nappy change and feed and had then slept in til 8.30am! After a cooked breakfast of eggs, mushrooms and toast (I gave Baby B some of the thickly sliced mushrooms, I think he approved) I got Baby B washed and dressed. We skipped the post breakfast bottle as he hardly drinks any of it nowadays.

We then went to the C of E church for the family service. This was OK, a bit different to Mass with a lot of songs and no communion. I thought it a bit weird when the mothers union went to the front to demonstrate the moves to a song but I decided to do my bit for inter demoninational peace and to go along with it. Baby B was called to the front to get his baptism certificate, gospel of St Luke and be welcomed into the congregation. Daddy seemed happier with this service as it reminded him of his boarding schools services and didn’t involve all the prayers over the communion (he finds Mass deathly boring and feels arkward sitting there when everyone else goes up to recieve communion). At the end all of the Mummy’s were given a posy of flowers (we also took an extra one for my Mum!). I could cope with doing the monthly C of E family service as a thank you to Daddy who has (sporadically) taken me to Mass for years.
At my Mum and Dads we gave Baby B some apple as a snack and then a bottle of milk and short nap (no gro-bag = no decent nap). When he woke up he tried some potatos and moussaka but was still full from drinking a whole bottle of milk (skipping the breakfast bottle had worked well and he drained his lunchtime bottle). We played in the door bouncer and on the floor while Baby B’s Daddy and grandad watched the football match before going home.

Tea was more moussaka and potato’s before a bottle and nap. Which Baby B’s Daddy cut short by going into the nursery to check on him (if a baby isnt crying leave it for goodness sake!). Hopefully Baby B will stay up a bit later again tonight. Hope everyone had a lovely mothers day with their little ones!


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