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Hmmm. Ciaran still has a rotten cough and cold. Last week he became quite ill with it, at the weekend his eyes were a little sore and on Monday this became full on conjunctivitis, fever and his cough getting worst, again. I dropped into the clinic on my way to work and got eye drops (which have worked, and I am proud to say obsessive cleaning has prevented anyone else getting conjunctivitis) but his cough got worst and worst.

Wednesday morning I was called straight out of work to collect him as half way through breakfast he went glassy eyed and threw his oatibix up. We had a quiet day at home, with Calpol for him and minutes to write for me.

The cough is better although he still has a bad night time cough (he has coughing fits that last 10-15 minutes) and all the coughing has played merry hell with his gag reflex. If any tiny bit of food gets lodged (which with baby led weaning is a pretty sure thing) he gags and throws up. Yesterday after eating loads of Sloppy Joe Bake (mince, beans and veg topped with garlic bread) a mushroom tickled his reflex and he was massively sick.

This morning a piece of hot cross bun made him gag and throw up (this time into my waiting hand – it seemed like a good idea at the time!) but I simply cleaned my hand and let him carry on with his hot cross bun and blueberries on the grounds that he has to learn to eat and clear his throat again so making a fuss wasn’t going to help.

I would love to get some help but I have a few problems

  • 3 committee meetings and 1 meeting with my manager next week, I have a tooth ache but doubt I’ll manage to take time off to get to the dentist let alone a Health Visitor.
  • We travel to Devon on Friday so a Friday GP appointment is not going to happen.
  • In all honesty I doubt my GP will know what to do with a weaning and gagging BLW child.
  • My Health Visitor would be a better option but the drop in clinic is Thursday afternoons and I am clerking a meeting on Thursday.

So I am pleading for help in cyber-space. What do I do – should I put him on slops for a few weeks until his throat toughens up or should I carry on with BLW and textured food to toughen him up?

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The mummy cafe – we cook for everyone!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=cafe&iid=7210345″ src=”7/8/4/b/The_Cafe_c28761877_381b.jpg?adImageId=8318450&imageId=7210345″ width=”380″ height=”502″ /]Welcome to the Mummy Cafe. I hope that you are well and are comfortable. Seating is available all over the cafe, we encourage patrons to jump from chair to chair or simply roll around on the floor. Make yourself at home.

Toilets are located in your nappy or on the potty (one on each floor) – please feel free to wee everywhere whilst getting dressed – our staff are only to happy to bathe you and find you some clean clothes. Today’s set menu is as follows:

Breakfast – porridge for older children, followed by half a pear and half a vegetarian sausage. As food tastes better from someone elses plate, please take this sausage from the manageress’ plate. She won’t mind.

Milk and left over pear will be available for our younger patron.

Snack – the older patron is welcome to have his own advent calendar chocolate and to help himself from the Christmas tree. The manageress has a quaint one chocolate a day rule – so wait until she is busy and ask the cafe owner. He will happily provide as much chocolate as you can stomach.

If you are still hungry a couple of slices of malt loaf will be provided at 11.

Lunch: There may be a delay as logistical problems have prevented the manageress from leaving the house. The cafe owner will return from work with food and the car seat in due course. The planned lunch menu is chicken goujons (frozen rather than the home made ones that you detest), chips, carrots and mixed veg.

All patrons will be offered this – the manageress will be happy to load a spoon with peas and tiny bits of mixed veg for our younger patrons while they shovel goujons and chips into their mouth. Tomato ketchup will be provided upon request for older patrons.

Pudding of fruit or yoghurt is available. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=cafe&iid=217118″ src=”0213/4fe6c393-218f-4c59-b2d2-767dd0e3f250.jpg?adImageId=8318508&imageId=217118″ width=”234″ height=”291″ /]

In the afternoon we offer a running buffet from the fruit bowl. Unlimited refills of banana, pear and clementine are available. An early dinner of spaghetti bolognase will be offered to the younger patrons around 4pm – older patrons are welcome to force spoons of this into their mouths as well.

Once the younger patrons have left the premises a formal evening dinner of fajita’s will be offered to older patrons. The manageress will be happy to fill your tortilla up and roll it for you – should it start to unroll (or bits drop out) the manageress will be happy to assist you.For the amusement of the cafe owner patrons are encouraged to eat as much spicy food as possible.

We hope that you enjoy eating with us and hope that you will become a regular visitor to our cafe.

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The not so sweet smell of sucess

We’ve been doing really well with getting wee wee in the potty, Ben has even sat himself on the potty a few times without prompting which is a great step forward. Poo’s on the other hand have been confined to his nappy (or on one occasion our carpet).

Until this morning. Its MOT day for me, I decided that rather than the stress of getting the children fed, washed and dressed and dragging them and hubby to the garage in his car I would go alone. I dropped off the car and started the half hour walk home in the wind. It was quite nice to be out in the fresh air and hubby had been given strict instructions of what to feed each baby (porridge and raisins for Ben, weetabix for Ciaran) so the kids should be OK.

I got home to find Ben sitting nicely on the potty and Ciaran alreay dressed (I was told that he had been a naughty baby, blowing raspberries with weetabix in his mouth and trying to grab the bowl and spoon off his Daddy) after a breakfast of porridge and raisins Ben realised that not only could he do another poo he simply had to do a poo.

We thought he was weeing and made appropriately enthusiastic sounds until I saw the potty and the massive poo in the potty – cue lots of dancing and a poo poo in the potty song from me. Anyway I was planning to get out some yummy tuna sweetcorn gratin for lunch but Ben has decided we are having chicken nuggets so I had better get cutting and coating.

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Milestones and McDonalds

Wow – a busy few days and both my babies are growing up so fast.

Not a teeny tiny baby anymoreOn Saturday Hubby saw Ciaran crawl for the first time, like Ben his first crawl was a little commando type shuffle on his tummy, he has refused to repeat this trick (to hubby’s dismay) but he has been very distracted by how much fun it is to roll everywhere and it will take a while (and several re-discoveries) for crawling to embed itself in his mind.

On Sunday I took the boys to my parents, where they were having lunch with 8 family friends. Poor hubby had a list of DIY jobs to do and this was the first weekend in ages that he’s had free of work matters to focus on DIY so he stayed home with his toolkit. People instantly commented when I got to my Mum’s that Ciaran had rosy teething cheeks.

“Yes but he’s been like that for months – the teeth aren’t breaking through yet” I replied only to be told by my Mum that Ciaran had cut his first tooth (which explains why he had been hard to settle the last few nights and generally a grumpy beast).

Everyone told me that the boys were lovely – Ben was in a lovely mood – and thanks to ‘feel wet’ training pants was not running around buck naked peeing at people’s feet whilst at my parent’s house. Ciaran was a little unsettled, probably a combination of teething pain and too many new people all at once but his ‘bad’ behaviour is pretty good compared to most children so I had nothing to worry about.

Today we have had lots of wee’s in the potty (which was even taken to Nanny and Baz’s house) and no accidents – as usual lots of splashing (tmi but you have to help him aim his willy down into the potty) but every wee was taken sitting on the potty. I put him in feel wet training pants when we went to the Interchange and told him to tell me if he needed a wee – and when we got home and sat on the potty several hours later he was still dry.

At the Interchange my Mum and I took the boys to Clarks – Ben’s old shoes were still OK for a few more weeks (hooray £30 saved!) and then dragged them around Staples to get some stationary for my new clerking job. Box folders and Leverarch folders are wildly overpriced in my opinion but I know from experience that both are needed for clerking so I stumped up the cash and ignored Ben’s excited grabs at chocolates, pritt sticks and sweets.

As a treat for being so good we all went to McDonalds. I rarely take the boys to fast food places (less than once a month) so it was exciting for Ben. I gave him a cheeseburger happy meal and the greedy monkey ate all of his chips (bar 6) and all of his burger.

Eventually I realised that we would be sat there for a very long waiting for him to finish the last few mouthfuls of burger but that he would not consider leaving it (even though I am certain his tummy was full up) so I followed Mum’s suggestion of letting him carry it to the car. At every bin that we passed she asked if he wanted to throw it away now and, no he did not want to throw it away and shoved the last (huge) piece into his mouth as I strapped him into the car seat. He needed both hands to push it into his mouth but somehow managed to chew and swallow it.

Unsuprisingly he didn’t want to eat much tea (oven baked veg and cous cous), Ciaran however couldn’t get enough of his tea, he was happy to have cous cous spooned into his mouth and loved the pieces of baby sweetcorn. Happiness is a baby with food smeared all over his face.

I’ve got my first Governing Body meeting to clerk tommorrow so I am now going to spend a pleasant evening reading the constitution, laws relating to governing bodies and agenda for tommorrows meeting. Hope everyone else has a more exciting night planned!


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Postcards from Potty-land

Wish you were here instead of me!

Potty training is well and truly underway. Ben is getting used to using the potty (albeit somewhat grudgingly) and my hands are getting used to a mixture of wee and disinfectant.

Yesterday was a pretty great day – only one proper accident for the whole day, a few minor spraying incidents and a big poo in the potty. Poo-ing in the potty seems to upset Ben a little; I spent yesterday afternoon with him begging for a nappy, I asked if he wanted to poo in the nappy – yes, was he scared of pooing in the potty – yes, yukky.

I held firm and at some point in the afternoon while he sat on his potty he did a nice big poo. We called all and sundry to share the earth shattering news that there was a poo in the potty very quickly I then experienced a true logistical nightmare.

Picture this – there is one adult in the house who MUST have a shower right now so that her hair isn’t dripping wet when she pops into the school (where I clerk for the Governing Body); there is one baby in the house who has woken up from his nap and wants his milk; there is a toddler in the house running around nudey dudey and learning to use a potty, he MUST be supervised to ensure that wee wee goes in the potty.

Hmmm. My solution was to cuddle Ciaran and put him back in the cot with a couple of toys, to beg Ben to wee in the potty and put the potty by the bathroom door to watch him while I showered. I then got out of the shower to find (miracle of miracle) no wee wee on the carpet or potty. I then put Ciaran’s bottle into a jug of hot water to warm while I dried. Thankfully at this point Hubby came home to take-over while I got ready to go.

When I got back from my meeting Ben was tearfully begging for a nappy – I decided that going from 8am to 6pm nappy free was good enough and put him a nappy for his supper (Beef Enchilada and rice with a sweet potato and guacamole for hubby and I).

This morning I decided that it was cold and grim and that the boys deserved a treat so I cooked up some rice pudding for the boys. Daddy was home at lunch and shared his chocolate roulade with Ben so Ciaran was the sole taker at lunchtime and he loved it (he preferred it to the chinese rice I had given him for his mains).

Ben is currently having his rice pudding as a post-bath supper. To make it the ultimate toddler food I have topped it with a mini Mars bar before heating it in the microwave, toddlertastic rice pudding. I never really liked the idea of making my own (my Grandad made very soupy pudding when I was a child) but following the instructions on the pack and making a few tweaks has led to the creamiest yummiest rice puddings ever.

Homemade Rice Pudding

Squirt an oven dish with a little spray oil and tip in 50g of pudding rice, 25g of soft brown sugar, a tiny knob of butter and a pint of milk.

Bake at 150 for around 2 hours until a thick skin has formed. Leave it out to cool and thicken up more. I reheat it in little portions with extra milk to slacken it off a little and of course you add jam, chopped up mini chocolate bars or dried fruit according to toddler whim.

(We peel the skin back to get to the thick rice pudding underneath but if anyone in your house will eat the skin they are welcome to it!)


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Ciaran and Ben’s food

Hungry baby CiaranCiaran has been weaning for around a month now, we’ve gone from occasionally trying a little food to having 2-3 meals a day and he seems to be loving it. We are mainly doing baby led weaning with lots of finger food but he is also happy to have food off a spoon.

Here’s a list of the food my little monkey seems to like

Bran muffins (homemade)
Chips (potato chipped and baked in the oven)
Gypsy toast
Hard boiled egg
Heinz vegetable crackers
Malt Loaf
Pasta in tomato and phillie sauce
Petit Filous (he ate a whole one today for the first time!)
Plum crumble
Rice pudding (homemade with brown sugar to give a caramel taste)
Scrambled egg
Sweet potato
Tuna Sweetcorn pasta bake (topped with crushed crisps of course)
Yorkshire pudding

Only breadsticks have failed to impress him so far. I am sure that there are more things he loves but my mummy brain is too hazy on fine details! Today’s Tuna and Sweetcorn pasta bake went down much better with Ciaran (grabbing the spoon to get all the tuna and sauce into his mouth) than with Ben (crying hysterically and being sick). My mum made this all the time when my sister and I were little so here is the recipe (I hope Ben comes round to eating it as there is plenty in the freezer!).

Recipe: Tuna Sweetcorn Pasta Bake
Cook 150g of baby pasta shapes or any pasta shapes. Drain and set aside.
Put tablespoon of plain flour, tablespoon of butter and half pint of milk in saucepan, heat while stirring constantly. When thick remove and grate about 50g of mild cheddar into the sauce.
Add tin of tuna and a large tin of sweetcorn to the sauce along with the pasta.
Tip into tin foil freezer containers (we got 4 out of this) top with crushed plain crisps and more grated cheese. Bake in the oven until warmed through and crispy on top.

Ben (who strangely hated it) has a real taste for very strong food at the momment (well DH used to take me to Nando’s in hope of kick starting labour at the end of each pregnancy so it is to be expected lol!). The other day I made a chicken laksa (spicy thai dish with noodles); Ben asked to try a noodle so I put a few on a fork and let him taste them and he loved it – the little monkey ended up in my lap demanding more beans and noodles.

Last night hubby made fajita’s (we got a three pack of Discovery at Costco) and had sole responsibility for feeding Ben as I was still putting Ciaran to bed. I tend to be cautious about feeding Ben spicy food and would have put a lot of yoghurt in (in place of soured cream), a little meat and veg and a little guacamole to prevent it being too spicy. DH put in liberal amounts of guacamole, salsa and the meat and veg mix – no yoghurt as that is for wimps and girls. Ben sat silently eating his fajita and demanded a second one as soon as he finished!

I can’t wait to take Ben out for a curry, I think we are probably going to bypass the slow build up of spicyness my parents had to go through with my sister and I (chicken tikka masala etc…) and go straight to a dupiaza or rogan josh. I am very proud of the way both my boys eat, they may be messy and they may decide on their own tastes but they attack food with enthusiasm and there is very little pickiness in our house.

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First few days in my new job (being a mummy)

This is the first time I’ve ever not had a ‘proper’ job, or been job hunting since I graduated (and even when I was at VI form and Uni I studied hard and worked weekends, holidays and evenings). I’ve decided to treat being a full-time mum officially as a real job with aims and targets (at least until the novelty wears off)

I’m trying to give the kids less time with CBeebies (which has been helped a lot by the Four Seasons coming in the post – Ben LOVES Vivaldi, especially if you try to explain the story behind some of the movements and let him tell you when the song is about happy boys!).

I’ve also tried to grit my teeth and get creative with Ben. I hate doing it and I am the least creative person in my family (hubby plays guitar, little sis spent her childhood making tropical islands and clothes for her teddies, my cousin is an artist, I am fumble-fingered and much better with words and facts) but I don’t want some counsellor twenty years from now telling me that if only I had allowed my kids to express themselves creatively as a child they wouldn’t have gone mad, stood for the monster raving loony party and been done for indecent exposure.

So, after a manic monday where we cleaned the house a lot (got to prove to the powers that be that I am an asset in this new role!) and ordered a shop from Sainsburys I was feeling that I had a handle on this new job – super hausfrau! It was on Monday evening that I noticed Ciaran was getting poorly, he has had a cold and rattle on his chest for a few weeks but it seemed to be clearing up on its own until Monday evening when I noticed him wheezing a little and rattling a lot.

Tuesday came and we got less done than planned, Ciaran’s cold was now a really nasty one, thick yellow snot poured from his nose, his eyes watered, he couldn’t breathe through his nose and refused to breast feed. Even bottle feeding was difficult with lots of pauses to catch his breath. I had hoped to go to weightwatchers in the morning, but by 9 the boys and I were all still in pajama’s so no chance. Instead my Mum came over as planned, helped me get the kids dressed and cleaned and took us to the interchange for retail therapy!

I picked up a new sleeping bag for Ciaran (a warmer tog one in 6-12 months), skirt for me, socks for Ben and then we hit Boots. New bottles, and (shock horror) some baby food for Ciaran. Let me explain, I’ve not stopped BLW but I was poorly with the same cold, feeling harassed and stressed by the housework still to be done and was concerned that he wasn’t getting much milk so a bag of organix carroty wotsit type things and a pouch of Ella organic veggies seemed like a good idea.

Ben was happy to choose his own lunch (with some guidance from me – this one or this one?) at the poorly stocked food section (why are the out of town Boots always so badly stocked for the lunches? If you go to the town centre ones they have a great range but every retail park Boots has a tiny food range.) while I picked out my low fat lunch (shapers prawn noodle salad, shapers crisps and a diet fizzy drink) he chose an exciting meal of southern fried chicken wrap, teddy bear shaped crisps and Mummy took his drink off him – another diet drink for me!

We got home just before Sainsbury’s came with the groceries and Ben sat down to eat his lunch, I explained how to hold the wrap and left him to it – he loved it! He ate half the wrap at lunchtime, then tipped his bag of crisps onto the table and gave a running commentary (me eat leg, me eat head). Ciaran snuffled and gasped through the afternoon trying a little pasta with creamy tomato sauce (Ben refused to eat it saying it smelled yukky and finished off his wrap instead)

When hubby got home I went to the late weightwatchers meeting and found that I had lost 1 1/2 pounds, I’m now only 1/2 pound away from my goal weight!

This morning I planned to take both boys to Jelly Tots but after getting them both ready I stopped kidding myself, Ciaran could hardly breathe and was now feverish. No playgroup for us. Instead I called the surgery and got an appointment for him, a couple of hours later we finished our epic doctors, chemist, tescos, chemist quest and returned home with a bottle of amoxycillin, new nappy bin, couple of pound of plums, fruit salads, bagels etc…

Once Ciaran was napping and dosed up with amoxycillin Ben and I had lunch, weightwatchers bagels with smoked salmon and low fat soft cheese for me, heinz spaghetti bol for Ben. We then started jamming some of the plums with left over frozen berries (yum) while Ciaran slept off the antibiotics upstairs.

Ciaran got up to help pour jam into the jars and then had a little milk (he can only manage about 1/2 a bottle at a go so I am just feeding him more often than normal). Just like Ben before him he reacted predicatably to the antibiotics with a runny nappy (thank God I have no sense of smell), and for tea he got to try some of his carrot wotsit things (he had two sticks, Ben had the rest – both boys seemed to like them but Ciaran couldn’t keep pace with Ben).

He then watched me clean the oven (Ciaran has a very exciting life) before being dragged upstairs with Ben to watch me clean his nursery.

We then had to drag the hoover downstairs as I had (bravely) let Ben try some messy play earlier. We (well I) cut pictures out of the Boots gift guide, Ben glued them onto a sheet of paper and we dabbed glue onto the paper before shaking glitter over – now how creative is that?

Downside to creative play is that for the third day in a row I was called upon to hoover my lounge before Daddy got home. Being a SAHM seems to mean having a bottle of cleaning spray grafted to one hand and the hoover being an extension of your own body.

Ben then decided to join Chris and I for dinner, I had made a Chicken Laksa (sort of Thai curry with noodles) and we were commenting that it was hot when Ben marched up demanding noodles. I gave him some, he wandered off and quickly came back frowning, tapping his lip and saying “spicy spicy” he then demanded more and ended up on my lap with me crouched over his head trying to eat my curry whilst ferrying noodles, chicken, prawns and sugar snap peas to his little mouth. We found it spicy so I am gobsmacked that he managed to eat (and enjoy) the laksa.

OK so I haven’t managed everything on my to do list (bedding still needs to be washed and I haven’t done an EA Active workout) but I think I’ve managed the important things, like playing with Ben and cuddling Ciaran and while housework will still need to be done tommorrow one day my boys will be too old for a big Mummy cuddle.


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