What Mums do

Before we had kids I rather arrogantly thought it couldn’t be that hard – once they’re old enough to understand you then calmly reasoning with and an atmosphere of respect will naturally lead to well brought up polite children – and as for teaching them stuff I couldn’t wait, education isn’t limited to the classroom I decided.

Now that I have a five and three year old I laugh at my old beliefs; all the times I scowled at the family who couldn’t control their child in a restaurant and how we both told ourselves we’d be better parents than that. So far today I’ve broken numerous parenting sins and I am sure my childless friends would be horrified.

Lazing around: Was I up at the crack of dawn preparing breakfast? No when the kids got up at 7:30 I invoked the paternal debt proclamation – I was owed a lie-in. Hubby got up and poured cereal (including Cheerios that we had agreed were too sweet for kids) into bowls gave the kids squash instead of the water we’d promised ourselves our children would drink and then he relaxed and came round to world while Peppa Pig amused the kids. By 8:30 I’d been cuddled twice and told all about breakfast so I gave up on the idea of a lie-in.

Using TV to babysit kids: Somewhere between rinsing breakfast bowls and calling the anti-fraud squad to reactivate my bank card I realised that I wanted a wash and hubby had gone shopping. Milkshake on channel 5 came to my rescue. I was able to brush my teeth, wash my face, shower and get dressed without Ciaran and Ben totally wrecking the house (Ciaran had managed to find plasticine and a thermometer but hadn’t broken anything so that was a plus!). Luckily kids TV isn’t on all day – right now Ive put on smash hits while the boys make things but when I just need a break to stop me exploding the range of kids channels and programmes on Netflix is a life saver.

Making time to teach the kids thing: This mornings educational activities have been me turning cards over and telling Ben to play the memory game and find the pairs and letting the kids play readingeggs on the PC – neither of which involved me to any great degree and gave me time to sort out clothes and put them away. If making guns with their Kinex set and killing Charlie Bear is educational then I’m on a winner there. While I adore my children I know where my limits are and have a shed load of laundry to get done!

Failed to prepare: I should have walked to Tesco last night to get the ingredients for tonight’s pulled pork (that should currently be in a slow cooker) but I forgot – once the kids were asleep I was knackered and decided to go in the morning forgetting that hubby needed to go shopping and we are in the middle of a monsoon making the walk to tesco with two kids an unattractive option. Hopefully hubby has got a pork shoulder on his way home.

So what have I done?

Lots of laundry – the fab new Beko washer is using its toddler wash cycle to try to clean the kids clothes, tonnes of towels have been washed and dried.

Explained basic nutrition – at school the kids were taught fruit and veg are good for you. Ive explained why we needs carbs and protein.

Tidied the lounge three times

Let the kids play with Kinex and plasticine, I’ve even sacrificed my marble sugar craft rolling pin to the cause.

Told the kids that I love them – lots.



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