Frankenstein Spaghetti

Today I decided to try the new culinary craze hitting Facebook. It’s a terribly classy dinner of frankfurter and spaghetti, the twist is that uncooked spaghetti is shoved through the frankfurters by children before being cooked. It’s not the kind of meal I would dream of cooking if I didn’t live in a house with two little boys, but if you can stomach frankfurters it’s a quick easy treat meal.


I pack of frankfurters (I used tescos but drew the line at the ones in brine) sliced into 4 pieces
As much spaghetti as a hungry man deems suitable for your family
1/2 carton of passata
1 small chorizo sausage halved long ways and sliced
Oxo cube

Step one:

After husband grossly overestimates the volume of spaghetti needed snap it in half and hand over to children with sliced frankfurters (gag).


Step Two:

Once spaghetti has been shoved through the frankfurter slices throw it into a saucepan of boiling water and let the spaghetti cook.

Step three:

Meanwhile do the nice bit of the meal – spray a frying pan with spray light and cook chorizo and mushrooms (yum).


Step Four:

Tip passata into the frying pan with herbs, a splash of boiling water and a crumbled oxo cube, leave to simmer down.

Step Five:

Drain horrifying frankfurter and spaghetti mix, top with sauce and allow children to apply liberally to their faces, hands and t-shirts.




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