Not a baby anymore

Tomorrow is Ben’s fifth birthday, I barely remember his birth, not so much Alzheimer’s but after a very long difficult delivery and sudden crash call I was so tired I only realised he’d been delivered when most of the doctors and nurses were clustered around the resuscitator.

I do remember my first night with him; after Chris had left the hospital, Ben gave me a baptism of fire by simultaneously pooing (mid nappy change) and being sick all over the cot. He seemed so precious, complex and fragile (despite his massive size) and I felt so out of my depth and scared that people trusted me to be able to do this. Despite all odds and evidence to the contrary Ben still trusts me to look after him, know the answers and always make it better.

Ben – thank you for five amazing years, I will grudgingly forgive you for the 72 hours of back labour as you’ve been worth every minute of it. Xxxxxxx




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