First impressions of Big Boy School

first day at school

From a tired mum:

1. Pick up is different – a couple of teachers to 30 kids means you don’t stand and chat about what they ate and how they blew their nose like the nursery teachers (with 8 kids to 2 teachers) encourage.

2. Children tell you very little. Who knows what really happens? I certainly don’t.

3. Mysterious things appear in book bags – a reading record with no instructions as to whether I record things he reads (nothing yet) or things I read to him (the book will fill up very quickly!).

4. My terrible panic and guilt at not having paid up for the pre and after school session by the end of summer term was pointless – half the Mum’s hadn’t even signed up on the first day and I joined a long queue of parents signing up or paying up.

5. All the other Mums seemed to know what PE kit was needed. I collared the teacher this morning and will now be heading to town for white tops, black shorts and plimsolls.

From a little boy

1. Packed lunches are nice. You can have dairylea dunkers.

2. You aren’t supposed to go in the toilet with a big sign on it – it’s broken.

3. There are two other Bens at school.

4. You can choose your pudding at lunch time and yesterday all of my friends had a  different pudding! I had watermelon.

5. We got brioche as a snack at after school club.

6. If you fall over on grass its OK. If you fall head first on gravel it hurts.

7. Somehow Mummy knows what I have for school dinner each day – she must climb into the windows to watch me eat (actually I have a copy of the menu but I like the idea of me climbing in windows).

All in all it’s OK. It’s walking distance so currently I walk the kids to Ben’s school, walk back with Ciaran and drive him to nursery but to make life easier Ciaran will soon leave the marvellous Fordfield at Ruxox nursery and start at a nursery next to Ben’s school.

Watch this space for the exciting world of phonics and more school boy scrapes and bumps.


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One response to “First impressions of Big Boy School

  1. This is very funny! And oh so true. I love the comments from your son’s side! Brilliant!

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