Potty training – take 2.

One of the advantages of having two children is that the second time around you are a little more confident and think you might have learned from mistakes. Given the trauma of potty training Ben while I was a full time Mum I was worried about potty training Ciaran while working nearly full-time. I decided that I would have to not give a fig if everyone else’s child was potty trained and go at his pace – surely the older they are when they start the easier it is?

A few weeks ago the boys were running around nude (usual occurence in our house) and Ben needed a wee. Concerned that the sound might trigger a little wee from Ciaran – who had followed Ben into the loo, I gave him Ben’s old potty and told him to sit on it if he wanted a wee. He did – nothing happened, he insisted on taking it into the lounge and after five minutes stood up and shouted “Did it!!”. He had done a wee in the potty – just before his second birthday.

We’ve carried on with occasionally getting out the potty if he asks for it and keeping it low key as we are coming up to a very busy two months for me and a two week holiday, potty training is NOT on our families calendar. Sadly Ciaran can’t read the family calendar.

Today after a trip out him and Ben stripped off. Ciaran ran up to me to tell me he wanted a wee wee so I got the potty out. He waited until the potty was in the room, sat on it and wee’d. He refused to get dressed and carried on using the potty all afternoon – nothing on the floor. We even had a scary moment when he accidentally shut his potty out in the hall, had to find me in the kitchen get my attention and get me to retrieve his potty before he could use it.

We dressed him for dinner and I was secretly glad to have him back in a nappy for a bit of peace and quiet. He had other ideas. After dinner he marched over the potty, took his shorts off and tried to get his nappy off. I had to give in. Again he had waited until he was on the potty before going.

So – having watched Ben potty train and then use the toilet for the last eighteen months Ciaran has already absorbed and understood the key concepts of :

  • wee goes in the potty
  • wait until you are on the potty before weeing
  • tell an adult if you want a wee
  • keep it in the potty.

Blimey! This is so far from the nightmare of trying to explain to a confused two year old that wee and poo must go into the potty and he has to run to the potty as fast as he can, holding the wee in until he is on the potty. Only downside is that the bossy little Ciaran has decided he is ready now and we have very little say in it. Brace yourselves for a month of potty training!


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  1. keeping it in the potty, my boys often splash it out from the potty, sometimes I get mad when it runs down to the mat, but later on I realized their to young to keep it perfect..

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