A little cramped?

Ben has recently had a good idea, lots of people should live in our house, he wants a BIG family. It started with all of his nursery friends coming to live with us (he wishes – twelve toddlers is more than I could cope with!) and has extended until this morning he told me his plan.

Everyone from London, Australia, Madagascar and Bedford would come and live in our house.
Nobody could live in the garden – if it rains they might get wet, everyone must be inside.
He will push everyone really hard to squueze them in. Some people might need to sleep on his bedroom floor.
He will cook everyone pasta for lunch.
He’ll lock the back door to keep the witch in the garden in the rain (it hasn’t rained here for ages).
Him and Ciaran will get their swords and cut the witches head off.

OK – I’ll leave Ben to work out the logistics of getting everyone from Australia and Madagascar to the house and will wait for the rain he has promised me!


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