A lot of work on the allotment

I have FINALLY cleared the last of the Brussel sprouts from our plot. Woo Hoo!!

So far we have the following growing in each of the little plots

1 Pear tree (already there when we got the plot), 2 raspberry canes, 1 blackcurrant cane and a rhubarb that looks poorly.

potatoes – 1st earlies and 2nd earlies (both been earthed up), maincrop and a little row of carrots.

Red cabbages, calabrese, pak choi seedlings (well something is growing where I sowed the seeds!!) radishes which we have started harvesting.

Spicy salad mix, little gem lettuces, celery that looks poorly, pepper plant, chilli pepper plant.

Broad Beans, mangetout seeds have been sown and might be appearing or it could be weeds! I sowed Runner Bean seeds indoors with the boys last night.

Gooseberry bush

Old strawberry plants that are starting to flower

Parsnip seeds went in a fortnight ago – nothing has happened, ditto the beetroot seeds. Carrot seeds went in a week ago – waiting for them, leek seedlings.

Pumpkin seeds and old celery plants

Phew!! Lots of work and we are starting to get the fruit (or veg) of our labour in the shape of spicy salad leaves and very spicy radishes.

My hands are very rough and need a lot of hand cream to stop them cracking but it is all worth it (so far!!) and the kids love going to the allotment and helping me (digging for treasure with a trowel, pulling up bright pink radishes, planing how to climb the bean stalks when they appear).

I definitely recommend getting an allotment to everyone – even if like me you have the opposite of green fingers it is surprisingly fun and not just for old men. Most of the people on my allotment are divided into two age groups, elderly men or couples my age – there is nobody in their 40s – 50s that I have seen and us young couples seem to make up the majority so there is always a chance to gossip!


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