The Big Boys’ Bedroom

We’ve had another change in bedtime at casa del tired mummy. The boys had got into a routine of cuddling up in Ben’s bedroom for their story before Ciaran headed for the cot in the nursery.

On Monday I popped downstairs to get the boys some water, when I got back their arms were firmly entwined. They were adamant that Ciaran should sleep in there, well Ciaran’s entreaties were more physical than verbal but it was pretty clear what he wanted.

In a moment of weakness I gave up on dragging boys apart and stomped off to the nursery, with a lot of grunting and grumbling I managed to move the cot into Ben’s bedroom to the fascination of the boys.

Initially Ciaran (ever the optimist) let me know that he would prefer to sleep in Ben’s bed. Tired, aching from a spell on the allotment and suffering from a cold, I told him that if he didn’t go to sleep nicely I would put the cot back in the nursery.

To my amazement it seemed to work. The boys have shared a room all week. Before we could hear Ciaran chattering for an hour after he got into the cot, despite my belief that they would keep each other awake they fall asleep within 10 minutes.

Next step is to get Ciaran a bed and then to reclaim the nursery!


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