Double dipping

As I grew up I learned that there is one hard and fast rule for any social gathering. No double dipping.

You do not dip your crudite into the guacamole, take a bite and re-dip it. One dip per item not per bite.

Sadly Ciaran hasn’t quite reached two years old yet and hasn’t developed dipping etiquette.

The other day I cooked up a lovely thai yellow curry, almost from scratch (a clever person from Rafi’s in York had mixed spices and coconut flour, packed it in a bag and given me foolproof instructions). As my other half tends to have a massive appetite, mirrored by the little men, I decided to serve half the curry today with some oriental snacks from Tesco, wontons, spring rolls, prawn toasts and a sweet chilli sauce.

Just as I served dinner DH announced he felt ill, took one bite of his curry and went to lie down. Even I couldn’t tackle all those wontons alone so I invited the kids to the table (they had already tucked into their tea). Initally Ciaran was happy to shove prawn toasts into his mouth until he realised I was dipping mine in the red sauce. He shouted more and pointed at the sauce..

I sighed and passed it over, urging him to dip his wonton in a little and then eat it. But no, my youngest son didn’t do a little dip. He dipped the wonton in, sucked the sauce off and then re-dipped repeatedly! I was encouraging him nicely to eat a little of the wonton with the sauce but as far as he was concerned the wonton was a device to get sweet chilli sauce to his mouth.

I think we have a long way to go on table manners before I start taking the kids to dinner parties!



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4 responses to “Double dipping

  1. Yes, we have the same problem with any kind of dip. When we have get-togethers I give my two a small separate bowl. If we’re just at home with us though, it doesn’t bother me too much! 🙂

  2. You’ll be telling us next that he speaks loudly on his cell phone when he’s on the train!

  3. I know it’s not nice, but it’s amusing. I mean he is almost 2. What did you expect? I’m trying to imagine him re-dipping and then I try to imagine your face as he does it. I guess there is plenty of time for table manners, but then again, I have no kids yet. Still, I think it’s cute.

    • worldofamummy

      It was more the shock at a baby sucking sweet chilli sauce that did it for me Pompe Sumbersibile. Hopefully by the time he goes to proper dinner parties he’ll have learned not to be so vulgar (although I think he will be a chilli lover like his Daddy!)

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