Review and Give away: Little Dish Cookbook

Last weekend I was home alone with the kids. My plan was to do lots of proper home cooking with them, log half a dozen EA Active 2 hours and to be the ideal Mum and wife. As usual real life got in the way, I failed to exercise and didn’t cook much. When I did I made it a good one.

I’d been sent a copy of the Little Dish Favourites Cookbook to review. As you’d expect from a book aimed at families from weaning and onwards there are a few purees but don’t let that put Baby Led Weaning or older families off as there are plenty of good meals in there for older kids. The meals all seem nutritious and well-balanced, with veg and lots of dairy being featured. I decided to make a chilli bake.

Effectively it was a  mild chilli con carne baked on top of rice and sour cream and sprinkled with a little cheese. I’m a born tinkerer and couldn’t stop myself adding mushrooms and mixed taco beans to the chilli and cut the cheesy top back to a sparse sprinkle for Ben’s tastes. I managed to save a whole pot of chilli mix to put in the fridge to be used with jacket spuds etc.. as well getting two meals out of one.

When I served this to the kids they had already had a bit of lunch and an in-between meal portion of Little Dish Chicken Risotto so I didn’t expect them to have an appetite. I was wrong. At its first appearance Ciaran was a little confused by soured cream and rice (not quite rice and not quite mullerice!) but demolished all the chilli. Ben ate it all and told me that the brown bits were “very exciting”.

I had it for my tea after they went to bed and despite my trepidation about soured cream and rice found it went really well – think sour cream in beef enchilada. Very comforting on a wintry night.

On Sunday the bake reappeared as left-over tea which both kids demolished and as a topping for my baked sweet potato (who needs to add cheese when your chilli already has sour cream and cheese?). DH finished it off on Monday, giving the kids the rest of the bake and eating the left over chilli himself.

It was a great meal to  cook for a quiet weekend as it lasted so long and was an interesting variation on chilli which we serve up quite often.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of the cookbook – which I heartily recommend for the chilli bake alone then enter my giveaway by

1. comment on the post telling me your favourite family dinner and asking to be entered!

2. for an extra entry tweet I want the #Little_Dish cookbook from @ellenheaney  – please let me know in your comment it you have tweeted!

One lucky winner will be selected at random at the end of the day on 10 March 2011 and will be sent a copy of the lovely cook book.

Good luck!!



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6 responses to “Review and Give away: Little Dish Cookbook

  1. Our family favourite is spaghetti and meatbulbs…erm, I mean meatballs! Please enter me into the competition for the cookbook – lovely giveaway.
    I’ve tweeted as well: @xcrossthepond

  2. notsuchayummymummy

    Please enter me! We’re very into pasta at the moment. Chicken, bacon, peas & spinach in a Philadephia garlic & herb sauce. Yum!
    Have tweeted @notsuchayummum

  3. My fave family dinner is stew and dumplings

  4. Please enter me! Our family favourite is veggie roast dinner.
    Tweeted as @PaulaHaylock

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