The next big step

For quite a while I’ve known that Ben is ready to stop wearing a nappy at bedtime (the fact that he gets me up to take him to the loo is a pretty good indicator!) but I’ve been reluctant to go there and say goodbye to babyhood (for my reasoning see And So to Sleep). Potty training (just over a year ago) was a pretty intense period of my life and I envisaged night time potty training being equally grim.

Anyway – after a busy week; culminating in an overnight stay in Birmingham I got home on Saturday and at bedtime I decided enough was enough. Ben hated wearing his nappy (even big boy pull up nappies) so I sat him on the loo and asked him to wee. He did – no problem.

I popped the little potty in his room and showed him where it was and explained that now he was a big boy he didn’t need a nappy anymore and if he wanted the loo to tell me – or if he didn’t have time he could use his potty and then let me know when he was done. I headed wearily downstairs where a G&T knocked me flat out.

Why had I done this after an incredibly busy and stressful week? What was wrong with me. I went to sleep and woke up at half six to see a worried little face pressed up against mine. I cautiously inhaled – couldn’t smell anything.

“Mummy, I need the toilet”.

OK – we headed to the loo and I surreptitiously glanced at his pajama bottoms – bone dry. Monday morning was the same – up for a wee and back into bed until the sun came up on his gro-clock. So – let’s see how it goes tonight – could we be three times lucky?

Oh – and onto the next big step: last night when I popped Ben on the loo and asked him to wee before getting in the bath; I told  Ciaran how clever Ben was to do his wee in the loo. Ciaran took a look at Ben on the loo and then down at his own naked self and joined in. He wee’d happily all over the mat and was very proud of himself!

photocredit: windchime


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