Little commis chefs

Recently both boys have been busy in the kitchen. Last weekend we made misshapen oat biscuits, on Thursday when I offered the kids the chance to make some bread they selected a packet of Betty Crocker’s very chocolatey cake mix.

So, on Friday (after an emergency trip to my cousin’s to get an egg) we mixed powder, egg, water and oil, spooned it into cases and baked the cakes before icing and sprinkling with even more chocolate. The cakes were light and very chocolatey, naturally both boys were proud of their work but were kind enough to acknowledge I had helped a little.

Today the boys helped me make a roast dinner, they took it in turns to stir milk  into the batter, discovering that it was very stiff to start with but easy to stir later. We talked about how important it was to get the lumps out and how much salt and pepper to put in.

Later they were on hand to help as I carved the beef – or hacked it depending on your standards. They tasted little bits of beef and Ben used his extra height to swipe big slices of beef and to nibble on raw carrots.

When we dished up I was very proud of the Yorkshire that the boys had made, much nicer than Aunt Bessie’s and also proud of the way that they love to be helpful.


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6 responses to “Little commis chefs

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  2. Ellen
    This is lovely. A good way to keep the boys busy. I think I need to try something like this with my youngest one.

  3. I hopeed over from the BMB carnival. Such a beautiful post that made me smile; thank you! I’d eat hacked roast beef made by the sweetest chefs any day!

  4. My 3yo loves being my ‘helper’ and we do bake cakes. We do enjoy it xx

  5. Brilliant! And they’re learning useful skills too.

    I find if I cook with my boys, they are much more likely to eat it, even if it’s something they don’t like.

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