All the colours of the rainbow

Ben (and to a lesser extent Ciaran) has reached the questioning stage. Over the last few months we have discussed why people get older, why bad people need to go to prison and yesterday I even tried to explain the principles of refraction, dredging my brain back to GCSE physics.

We were driving to tesco after a long day at nursery and the boys were bickering about what fruit to get. Ben rejected bananas on the ground that he only loved green things. Happy as I am to have a child who begs for green veg, colour coordinating his diet was a step too far for me.

Oh Ben, don’t be silly. Every colour of the rainbow is lovely.
What’s blue then Mummy?
Oh the beautiful blue sea is blue and you love playing in that.
Yes I love blue!

And so on through the rainbow, strawberries and raspberries, lovely green trees, yummy bananas and the nice warm sun. Ben then got me to recite the colours of the rainbow before declaring he loved every colour of the rainbow.

Mummy, is brown in the rainbow?
No darling.
What about White and black?
No darling they aren’t in the rainbow

Hmmm. I explained that if the sun shone while it was raining the light from the sun mixed with rain and magically split into the colours of the rainbow.

How Mummy?
It’s just magic dear, God let’s the sunshine and rain make rainbows to remind us how clever he was to make the world and to give us something to look at.

But why doesn’t it turn to white or black? How do you explain that in light terms white is an amalgamation of all colours and black is simply the absence of light? And seriously – why isn’t brown in the rainbow?

The sunshine can’t make white, black or brown love.
Why Mummy?

Oh dear! I have a feeling that we are going to revisit this one again so any tips on explaining it to a toddler would be fab!


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