Happiness is a tax disc called hamlet

Those of you of a certain age, will remember a brilliant advert from childhood; crazy things would happen to Russ Abbott and yet as Bach’s Air on a G string started he lit a hamlet cigar, smiled and everything was right with the world. As an ex smoker I remember the light feeling of being at peace with the world when I sat in my tiny garden with a cancer inducing, formaldehyde laced cigarette – I could almost hear the Bach. work finished, no huge responsibilities other than to enjoy being young and newly married.

Now as a scatty, stressed, busy, pink lunged Mum of two I rarely get that feeling of – hey it’s OK here’s some happiness and peace. Last week I had several of those moments in my car.

The tax disc that was missing, presumed recycled turned up, as I opened the passenger door it fluttered out; making me smile even though it was a Monday morning. I hammered it on with my fists gleefully and have smiled everytime I see it there, saving me from a fine. It’s also given me a great sense of things working out OK.

Now I know it seems a bit odd, but this little bit of paper is still making me feel happy and yes, I can hear Bach everytime I get in my car.


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