EA Active 2 – Mummy Tummy

Like a lot of us I want to shift a few pounds, I joined slimming world before Christmas and have lost 10lb already! But this morning as I cuddled Ben he said the following:

“I love you, I love your tummy. It’s so soft and squashy.”

Oh dear. His legendary tact and sensitivity are showing again. But this has inspired me to workout. I recently got EA Active 2 and once I’d gone through the technical traumas of adding batteries and getting the heart monitor to work I really enjoyed using it.

If anyone out there wants to join a workout group to keep each other motivated I’ve set up a group on EA Sports Active for wii users

it’s called Mummytummy

password begone

Please do join (I’m less likely to skive off if I know other people are watching!) – if there are any problems joining (I’m not a techno-genius) drop me a comment.


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