Do I really have to fill that out?

For someone who generates and completes reams of paperwork in her professional life I have a confession to make; if I am asked to complete a form in my personal life I procrastinate and large complicated forms terrify me.

Recently I managed to get myself together enough to fill out the online application for Ben’s first school place. It wasn’t that hard but I spent over a month putting it off, dreading it. We also have to renew Ben’s passport (I don’t want to fill out the form) and I have to do my tax return (despite my best intentions I ALWAYS leave it to January).

In my professional life I have seen the consequence of putting off filling out forms, denying their existence. At the moment a lot of Mums in the area are filling out their school application form, and inevitably there are some people on Facebook saying that they might not bother – they’ll end up in their catchment area school won’t they?

Sadly not, the admission authority (normally your local council) will look at all of the applications they’ve received, allocate places and not leave any aside for people who might have forgotten or who might move. If you don’t apply then unless you live near a very good but half empty school then there is a good chance you won’t get to your preferred school.

So – it’s time to knuckle down; if you haven’t already applied for a child born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 then you need to apply now for a school place – if you’ve missed the deadline in your area already then call your admission service and get your application in now. If you want to know more about applying or appealing for a school place head over to my other site or buy my book!

As for me… well, I’ve applied for a school place, applied for an allotment, put the kids to bed and I’m now going to have a well deserved drink… I’ll worry about the tax return tomorrow!

photocredit: luigi diamanti


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