Search and Rescue Mummy

The other night we had a serious problem, teddy (pronounced Deddy) had gone missing. Teddy is Ciaran’s favourite cuddly, in teddy’s absence Chris put him in his cot with a giraffe. An hour later I went in to get a nappy for Ben and saw my youngest son sitting forlornly with his legs sticking out of the cot “Deddy” he said sadly to me.

“Don’t worry son, Mummy and Ben will find teddy”. This brought a smile to his little face which fell when we came back into the nursery with a substitute teddy (green instead of blue). Admitting failure Ben and I went back Ben’s room to settle Ben to sleep.

After reading Charlie and Lola and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (appropriately) I cuddled number one son and thought about poor heart broken number two son. If I was a slightly unhinged toddler where would I put teddy? We had checked in every room and teddy was no where to be seen, so where was he?

Inspiration suddenly hit – the washing machine. A source of endless fascination to Ciaran who likes opening and shutting doors and loading and unloading it (my Mum’s washing machine tends to be full of pegs and magnetic fridge letters). To Ben’s annoyance I was a woman on a mission and would not wait til his bedtime had finished. I shot out of bed and ran downstairs, a quick rummage proved me right! Teddy and an elephant were safe inside the washing machine!

When I walked into the nursery holding teddy up Ciaran’s face broke into a huge smile and he grabbed his teddy from me before lying down with his head on the pillow and teddy held close. I had managed to make one person very happy that day.

picture credit Tom Claire


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  1. sarahsei

    Awww.. what a sweet story. 😀

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