Out with the old… in with the new!

Goodbye to 2010. A year of massive changes and upheaval for us all.

I started 2010 as a slightly depressed and harassed stay at home Mum with a baby and toddler, I’ve ended 2010 with a job that was so far out of my reach at the start of the year and a pre-schooler and toddler. I’ve learned that it’s OK to try something and admit it is wrong for you, I tried being a stay at

home Mum and to be honest would only be able to enjoy it if we were seriously wealthy and I had an active social life outside of work.

One of the highlights of the year was going to London with my lovely husband and no children in August. We stayed at a Hilton Hotel (don’t be fooled by the name, the breakfast was great but the rooms were tiny) ate out in the West End, walked miles and took the river boat to and from our hotel.

This amazing day and night was then topped by the children both understanding and loving their holiday to Scarborough in September, we were truly blessed with the weather (it pee’d down the fortnight before) and had two very happy, tired, sandy boys going to sleep most nights.

We’ve also seen the terrifying side of parenting, in March a kind GP called an ambulance for Ciaran, and while I could convince myself that this was all just a precaution even I had to admit we were in deep trouble when we came out of the ambulance (which had its siren on as a precaution in my mind) and instead of waiting to be seen by a nurse had a team waiting for us. At that point I had to admit my baby was seriously ill and sat holding the oxygen to his mouth hoping that Chris would get here soon.

We had a month of frustrating set backs; it felt like every time I reduced his medication he caught a  cold and had a set-back. His little body was so vulnerable that when he most needed to build his strength up he caught numerous vomiting and diarrohea bugs leaving his skin hanging loose in folds and me wondering if he would ever get his oomph back.

Ciaran New Years Eve 2010

Despite all of these worries and the angst about him getting ill just as I went back to the world of work he is now the greediest boy I know and in training to be a 007 stunt double. He still doesn’t have much hair but he has more than enough oomph!

As well as both facing new challenges as parents Chris and I have both moved out of jobs we’d been in for a long time. Chris moved into the completely new area of sustainable transport, I returned to work not in appeals which I knew like the back of my hand but to the more stressful area of local government committee work. It was this move that gave me the confidence six months later to apply for a well paid part time job at a local college as Clerk to the Corporation.

The move into committee work wasn’t too stressful, I’d always done a little committee work and had a large supportive team helping me. Moving to a new sector where I was solely responsible for corporate governance has been a harder move for me but, I think I am starting to get the hang of things (or at least starting to be able to say no to extra work!).

Ben has loved going back to Nursery and playing with all his friends again, Ciaran has also loved Nursery and is one of the most enthusiastic eaters and painters in his class, in fact he often combines his two passions by eating paint.

2011 is going to be another busy year with some much needed work about to get done in the house and me studying for an ICSA qualification (no pressure but if I fail I breach my contract at work!) while Ciaran moves from being a fledgling toddler to a full on 2 year old, we’ve also got Ben starting real school in September. It seems crazy to me that a little boy who is so young and still in a nappy at bedtime is ready to start real school but I am sure that I’m not the only summer baby Mother with these worries.

Well out with the old year and onto the challenges of a new year! Happy New Year to everyone.


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