Holiday!! Day 3 – a whoops day!

There has to balance in life and for us the balance to all the wonderful things was the Sunday of our holiday. A pint of lager and 2 cans in the caravan had left me, not quite hungover, but not quite properly awake.

The children sensed this and promptly acted up and after waving goodbye to Sally we slowly got everyone washed and dressed and ready for an outing. We had a half baked idea that we would go to Pickering, find out how much it cost to go on the North York Moors Railway and do the moors and a steam train in one fell swoop.

Uh-uh. First of all my iphone told me that the railway was very expensive so it wasn’t likely that we would pay to ride the rails, secondly the kids weren’t in a car mood. As we approached Pickering (accompanied by wailing children and growing irritation) the plan changed and DH decided to head North into the moors from Pickering to enjoy the view from the car.

Two slight problems with that:

  1. I don’t see the point in driving in places unless there is a destination.
  2. Kids were going nuts and wanted out now!!

A swift u-turn in Pickering saw us heading back to the caravan, screaming kids in tow. After lunch in the caravan and time spent playing on the floor we decided to head out around the site.

Oops. First of all we told Ben that we were going to the playground. The playground was eventually found (despite Ben’s insistence on walking in the opposite direction to the rest of us) and played with. I was a little disappointed, it was a great playground for older kids with nets to scramble up etc.. however there was no easy way up the slides for toddlers, so poor Chris had to shove and pray to help Ben scramble the net, our next problem was encouraging him to go down the slide instead of trying to walk over the bridge with lots of (intentional) missing bits (about 5 foot up). There were no toddler swings so we couldn’t even offer that as an alternative.

We (the oh so wise adults) decided to move onto the next exciting thing before an injury happened. In this case we thought Ben would like the merry go round near the entrance. Mistake.

Ben did not want to leave the playground. When we got to the Merry-go-round he screamed to get on it, and was sat on a purple horse. The attendant wouldn’t let me ride it standing next to Ben to stop him dismounting, so DH moved Ben to a carriage being pulled by horses with a nice bench to sit on. Big Mistake. As the merry go round started we adults stood, grinned and waved. Ben howled, and howled and then howled some more.

It was the most excruciating merry-go-round ride ever. We left there, as Ben started a tantrum to go back to the merry-go-round that had minutes before reduced him to a blind rage. The tantrum continued around the park as we looked for and found the little boat and go-kart track. We then walked up to the cliff top figuring some space to run and shake off the bad mood would be good.

Huge mistake. Ben hated it. He wouldn’t follow us so we tried the trick of walking off, sitting down within eye and ear shot and waiting for him to join us. He didn’t join us. Eventually we decided that a kicking screaming toddler was hard to carry and strapped him into Ciaran’s pushchair (Ciaran seemed a little put out) and got back to our caravan pushing the howling beast and carrying Ciaran.

This was not the best day of our holiday but it got all of the bad stuff out the way in one go and meant that Monday could only be better than Sunday.


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