The great cake crisis

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=chocolate+cake&iid=223412″ src=”″ width=”337″ height=”506″ /]Long suffering hubby’s brother and sister in law are travelling over from Wales to see us. To honour the event I decided to make a cake with Ben, as we were short on time and as I wanted something very very simple to do with him I let Mr Sainsbury sell me a box that would turn into a chocolate fudge sandwich cake.

When we got home I found the first problem. I had two silicon cake tins, the box instructed me to use 7″ tins – I had 9″ tins. I decided to improvise (I am still learning that improvising is OK in a chilli con carne but not in a cake) so I stirred in a bag of white chocolate buttons to bulk it out and an extra teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and then reduced the cooking time by 2 minutes.

After 18 minutes I pulled out two cakes – one looked OK, the other not.. it had risen well except one third which had turned into a burnt biscuit. I consoled myself with the thought that at least one cake had come out OK – which was a big improvement on my last effort at a sandwich cake and sulkily let them cool.

Turning them out of the tins didn’t go well – the wretched buttons had coalesced on the bottom of the cake tin were left in the tin so both cakes had massive holes in them – the burnt but was too burnt to be offered up to anyone other than really close and crazy family so I tore the burnt side off one cake and cut the other to fit. Hubby and I ate the burnt cake while the children kindly disposed of the decent bit of cake I’d cut off to make the two parts match.

Now that it has been sandwiched together with a chocolate fudge mix (and now that I and my kitchen are covered in a strange hot chocolate type of icing sugar) it doesn’t look too awful – OK the cake is thinner than you might expect and one part of the circle has been cut off but I’ve decided that cake doesn’t need to be a perfect circle to taste good and hope that the in-laws agree when they get here!


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