Missing in Action

I've got my hands full with the paint eater...


I haven’t blogged for a really long time… sorry to anyone who noticed!  

We’ve been busy – my contract was coming close to running out and I decided that as much as I enjoyed being at home with the kids I greatly preferred not having to worry at night about the cost of groceries (and if truth be told quite like having a little adult company!). So I got busy and applied for jobs here there and everywhere, one job was a real long shot (well paid and part time hours but challenging with lots of responsibility) another job was a sure thing (admin, had to be fulltime and meant a pay cut). The job market terrified me when I didn’t get the admin job and pay cut, the job market then amazed me when I got offered the better paid part time job!  

So.. in a few weeks time I’ll become a clerk to the corporation, its like being clerk to a school governing body but on a bigger scale for a college. I’m terrified and excited at the same time, it will be a steep learning curve to say the least.  

Meanwhile poor long-suffering hubby has been swotting up and settling into the job he started six months ago which was a complete change of direction and has been again, a steep learning curve. To help matters along we have two very boisterous boys running through the house.  

Ciaran and Ben now play properly with each other, when Ciaran sits at Ben’s table for dinner he often instigates games (putting his head on the side of table and getting Ben to copy him, or blowing raspberries), Ben also takes a traditional big brother role in yelling at Ciaran who wants to play with the same toys as Ben but in a completely different way.  

Despite the yelling and shouting the boys are very affectionate to each other and the naughty corner isn’t such a punishment for Ben when Ciaran toddles up to cuddle him or give him a toy to play with. I’ve got a few weeks off before I start my new job (time to shop, play with the boys and pack for our holiday to Yorkshire in a couple of weeks) so I plan to relax and swot up on governance with the kids before re-joining the rat race!


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