Lions, Tigers and scares – oh my!

Long time no blogging – sorry. We’re all OK. Ciaran is much better now, still taking large doses of his puffers (to his annoyance) but a lively plump happy little one year old.

Ben has had chicken pox over the last few weeks, he got off quite lightly all things considered and now just has a few faint little spots left – I don’t miss soaking porridge oats and tying them in a muslim and then watching them leak out into the bath ( not nice to clean).

Last night Ben woke up and came crying into the bedroom, he was crying about Daddy and Lion roaring downstairs (our bed is old and rock hard and now that we are getting older we feel it a bit more and occasionally for the sake of his back poor OH actually prefers to sleep on a sofa). Half asleep and slightly annoyed I walked him across the landing, pausing to call down the stairs

“Did you roar”
“Hmmm. Yes”
“Why in the name of God did you that?”
“Do what?”
“Roar like a lion at Ben”
“I didn’t roar”
“You see Ben, it wasn’t a lion it was Daddy snoring”.

Back to bed with Big Teddy for Ben and back to my bed for me. Just as I drifted off around 20 minutes later another scream came from the bedroom.

“I had a scary dream…. lions and tiger”
“Lions and Tigers probably just want to be your friends love.”
“Yes… lion you play on bike now…”

If only every worry was so easy to dismiss!

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2 responses to “Lions, Tigers and scares – oh my!

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  2. Thing is, he’s always having nightmares about lions and tigers. And cheetahs for that matter. Was it something we said?

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