Hmmm. Ciaran still has a rotten cough and cold. Last week he became quite ill with it, at the weekend his eyes were a little sore and on Monday this became full on conjunctivitis, fever and his cough getting worst, again. I dropped into the clinic on my way to work and got eye drops (which have worked, and I am proud to say obsessive cleaning has prevented anyone else getting conjunctivitis) but his cough got worst and worst.

Wednesday morning I was called straight out of work to collect him as half way through breakfast he went glassy eyed and threw his oatibix up. We had a quiet day at home, with Calpol for him and minutes to write for me.

The cough is better although he still has a bad night time cough (he has coughing fits that last 10-15 minutes) and all the coughing has played merry hell with his gag reflex. If any tiny bit of food gets lodged (which with baby led weaning is a pretty sure thing) he gags and throws up. Yesterday after eating loads of Sloppy Joe Bake (mince, beans and veg topped with garlic bread) a mushroom tickled his reflex and he was massively sick.

This morning a piece of hot cross bun made him gag and throw up (this time into my waiting hand – it seemed like a good idea at the time!) but I simply cleaned my hand and let him carry on with his hot cross bun and blueberries on the grounds that he has to learn to eat and clear his throat again so making a fuss wasn’t going to help.

I would love to get some help but I have a few problems

  • 3 committee meetings and 1 meeting with my manager next week, I have a tooth ache but doubt I’ll manage to take time off to get to the dentist let alone a Health Visitor.
  • We travel to Devon on Friday so a Friday GP appointment is not going to happen.
  • In all honesty I doubt my GP will know what to do with a weaning and gagging BLW child.
  • My Health Visitor would be a better option but the drop in clinic is Thursday afternoons and I am clerking a meeting on Thursday.

So I am pleading for help in cyber-space. What do I do – should I put him on slops for a few weeks until his throat toughens up or should I carry on with BLW and textured food to toughen him up?

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2 responses to “Gagging

  1. how about calling your health visitor for advice she might be able to come visit you too

    hope everyone gets better soon xxxx

  2. How is he getting on? Hope he’s feeling a bit better and the gagging has subsided. Also hope you had a lovely time in Devon!

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