The endless streams of snot and cake

Since I went to work and the boys went to nursery Ciaran and I have sported constant colds, being exposed to all the fun new germs at nursery has given us all a chance to test our immune systems. Ciaran tried to win the ‘sicker than thou’ contest with bronchiolitis, but not to be outdone my asthma flaired up. A month of constant coughing and nose blowing has left us both with red sore faces and tired irritable chests.

Chris and Ben occasionally flair up with a cold but at least have a few days grace before the next one starts up.

Despite the constant cold Ciaran has settled well into Nursery, Ben sometimes has a token tantrum on the way to nursery but as I leave the main door with Ciaran I can hear that he has given up after one shout and is happily engaged with adding fruit to his breakfast (letting him take his own pot of dried and fresh fruit to nursery every day is a great bribe!).

I had a big birthday in the week which has been celebrated with lots of cake and chocolates. I took a half day at work, came home to bake cakes but following a couple of Syndol for a sore back I slept on the sofa for hours instead (already revelling in my new age).

I was very pleased on Thursday to be presented with the kids work – a mothers day card and ‘Mum’ name tag from Ciaran; a Mothers Day card and cake / flower combo from Ben. I was told by his key worker that Ben had baked and decorated the cake himself. I got home excited that as Daddy was having a networking team drink session I had my Mother’s Day cake to myself. I unwrapped the pretty shiny wrapping, paid due attention to the drinking straw flower and turned my attention to the cake.

Clearly Ben had been in charge of the decorations. Initially he started with white icing, he had then topped this with chocolate (he knows me well), this hadn’t been enough so a strawberry slice had been squashed with all his might onto the top and then the piece-de-resistance, marshmallows and jelly diamonds. Now I like a sugar high as much as the next girl but this looked extreme even by my standards but this looked extreme.

I tried a bite (cautiously) and before I could express my appreciation the cake was taken from my hands and eaten by Ben, he made plenty of appreciative noises, and looking back now at the weird combination of sugary toppings I think that it was probably decorated to his tastes rather than mine.

As today is mothers day the three men in my life are cooking me lunch today. Marks and Spencers has kindly supplied a large chicken, selection of roasted veg and key lime pie, so I am off to soak in hot bath while the boys get busy in the kitchen!

Enjoy your Mothering Sundays. x



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4 responses to “The endless streams of snot and cake

  1. Awww. Bless them. And M&S! 😉

  2. this is a comment! so you know I am reading your blog, I do not comment enough, this is not because I do not read or do not enjoy the blog, it is because I have little to say. But here I am, commenting. I like your blog. This post was especially cute! keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Gotta love it when they cook for you. I’m a new follower. Adorable blog!! See you again soon.

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