Review: Ecover non bio concentrate

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=laundry&iid=233992″ src=”0230/b2c3f7fd-0258-4e09-8f84-503451b37642.jpg?adImageId=10988525&imageId=233992″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]I try hard to be a good person, I buy free range where I can or organic and try to be as kind to the environment as my lazy nature and hectic life will allow me (cloth nappies were rejected outright by me – my washing machine seems to go 24-7 how the heck would I get time to wash nappies as well?).

I like ecover products because they allow me to feel a bit better while still providing the same cleaning power – since I reviewed some ecover cleaning products they’ve replaced my normal scorched earth type of household cleaners (and I feel a bit more comfortable covering Ciaran’s high chair with their chemicals than Flash’s!).

So, when I was offered the chance to review their laundry concentrate I jumped at the chance. We have laundry baskets (note the plural) overflowing with laundry to be done in our house and my ‘bond with the boys’ day is inevitably taken up by laundry.

I tried the non-bio concentrate. I’ve never used a concentrate before (I’m a fairy non bio tablet girl) and the results seem the same as fairy tablets; the added advantage is that a bottle of concentrate carries less packaging, deadly chemicals and less ‘product miles’ than a box of individually wrapped fairy tablets that are made, wrapped, produced and then delivered to Tescos and need to be purchased by me with alarming frequency.

In the interests of a fair comparison I added my usual chemical mix of Fairy fabric softener (the only thing that doesn’t bring Ben out in hives, but leaves me with a gunged up drawer periodically) and a colour catcher (I can’t be bothered to sort kiddie clothes by colour).

I was interested to read about the trick used to get your whites – whiter than white. A chemical optical brightner which reflects light making your whites look bright but containing non degradable chemicals (do we really want our cod and haddock looking whiter than white?). Ecover don’t use them or the phosphates responsible for eutrophication of rivers (from my dim A’level memory algae thrives in phosphate rich water, blocking light and oxygen for everything else and killing the river).

Only downside for me, is that the smell isn’t the same comforting Fairy smell that I’ve worn for the last few years, I’m sure that once we’ve used ecover non-bio for a few months we’ll all associate it with clean clothes.

We will be swopping over to ecover concentrate once I’ve used up my stock of fairy tablets – and found a local shop that stocks it! I just hope Costco start selling ecover in bulk (the cleaning spray and laudry concentrate would be big sellers in our costco!).


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