A working mamma

Phew – first week at work is done and dusted and all things considered it has been fine. I felt a bit wobbly on Wednesday when the kids had both seemed sad at being left at nursery but (aside from massive IT problems) its been a good first week.

The transition has been eased (a lot) by the fact that last week Daddy was at home with the kids. On Monday he starts his new job and we will experience the full on chaos of needing to have two adults and two children out of the house each morning. To be fair I’ve helped out getting the kids ready and fed before leaving but our morning routine has been made simpler by the fact that Daddy and the kids wash after I’ve left.

Obviously this won’t be the case on Monday. To add to the fun I have my first committee meeting on Monday morning so I need to be in the office bright and early.

Chaos is coming so brace yourselve for the hurricane of early morning activity in Bedfordshire (any tips on how to get us all out quickly without getting up at 5am would be greatfully recieved!).


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  1. Glad the first week went well! Hope you have managed to get yourselves into a good routine for leaving the house. We found it was chaos at first but before we knew it we’d got it down to an art!

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