St Valentine’s Day Massacre

In the 20’s (when prohibition had led to the rise of organised crime in America) the Valentine’s Day Massacre was a gangland execution. In the tired mummy household it was a cooking disaster.

Now technically I was off the hook with valentines day. Daddy had been given a birthday / valentines day present of Band Hero so I had no need to get panicked about proving my love. However, at the last minute I weakened and bought a box of Thornton’s premium (they were what I would have liked, lots of nice choc’s).

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Bella Italia to celebrate the other half’s birthday and Valentine’s Day – in a very romantic gesture Hubby encouraged me to have dessert and then paid for dinner (on his birthday!). This morning while Daddy was at Tesco’s a florist came to the door with a huge mixed bunch and a box of chocs. Well, what’s a girl supposed to do? In the face of having so much many spent on me I re-inforced the typical gender stereotype of a giddy housewife being bowled over by flowers and got baking.

Nigella Lawson informed me that to fill 2 9 inch tins I needed a 4 egg cake mix with 225g of everything else. I swapped sugar for 18 tablespoons of splenda and got creaming the butter and sugar (substitute). I don’t know if maybe the creaming didn’t quite work as it should as when all the ingrediants were added it did seem a lot stiffer and thicker than a normal cake batter and barely covered the bottom of the two silicon cake tins.

Undetered I baked them, they turned out easily but seemed very…. flat – more like thick stodgy biscuits than cakes. I bravely whipped cream and sandwiched the flat monstrosities with cream, jam and fresh raspberries. There – my symbol of my love for my husband at least looked pretty – sadly when we tried to eat it is was far too heavy and stodgy, combined with the cream it turned my stomach.

Happy Valentine’s Day birds of Bedfordshire – luckily my husband knows I can cook but am prone to the odd cooking disaster (gravy mixed with tablespoons of powder instead of teaspoons, soda bread made with triple the normal amounts of salt etc…) and loves me all the same – and at least he still has a box of Thornton’s to eat tonight – and given that he has a week ahead of him of looking after the kids while I start work I think he’ll need all the chocolate he can get!

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