What Mummies do on their days off…

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=shopping+bags&iid=285948″ src=”0282/c682593a-76d5-4c8e-9b02-4a7e47c18afc.jpg?adImageId=9843570&imageId=285948″ width=”380″ height=”254″ /]Today was a great day. Hubby is at home while he uses up his annual leave from his old council for a few weeks so I took advantage of him totally by leaving him with both children while my Mum and I went to Milton Keynes.

The biggest advantage of going back to work is that I need to totally start from scratch with my wardrobe. Think about it – the last time I bought workwear was before I was pregnant with Ben, all my old blouses were bobbled, thinning, faded and generally rubbish and had been given to the local charity shop (I’m sure they were delighted to receive a black bin bag full of my very old and very dull workwear).

Like a lot of young people who are thrust into a workplace where they are managing and working alongside people a lot older than them I had tended to dress conservatively in a skirt and blouse, for a brief period I worked in London with people my own age and found skimpy dresses I usually had for weekend wear worked their way into my wardrobe and were duly shoved back to weekend wear when I started in my last job over five years ago.

Now that I am fast approaching a milestone birthday and will not be line managing anyone at all I decided that a handful of blouses and sweaters in muted pastel colours, couple of loose fitting pastel colour dresses and a few beigey skirts weren’t what I wanted. I wanted to look fashionable without looking unprofessional, or like I was re-capturing my teens.

So I bravely went to the personal shopping part of Debenhams. Given that life with children is unpredictable I hadn’t booked an appointment, but luckily they were able to see me straight away. After a quick consultation where I told the personal shopper I would try anything that she deemed appropriate for my job, age and figure; Mum and I were sent to a huge fitting room with drinks, comfy seats, magazines and a dressing robe.

Once I got past the inital horror of dressing and undressing in front of my Mum and a personal shopper I really enjoyed it. I tried on clothes that I would have never in a thousand years pulled off the rack, when things didn’t fit properly across my hips in one size the personal shopper would get them in another size or fitting. I was told how to mix and match the clothes to get several outfits out of a dress and have ended up with some amazing clothes.

If anyone wants to donate a couple of hundred pounds a month I could probably spend the rest of my life on that lovely high you get from buying great clothes. Thank you Debenhams and the lovely Carole at Milton Keynes Debenhams for finding clothes that make me look young, vibrant and trendy without looking crazy or unprofessional.



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6 responses to “What Mummies do on their days off…

  1. pics of the new fashionable professional you???
    sounds like a very lovely day xxx

  2. What a heavenly sounding day (apart from the bit where you had to stand in your knickers in front of a complete stranger).

    Might book myself a date with a personal shopper just as soon as I’ve lost a few pounds and had a bikini wax…

  3. I used the personal shopper service too at Debenhams and was mightily impressed. I find clothes shopping quite stressful and always stick to the safe buys. Its so nice to have someone do the hard work for you! Good luck with your new job!

  4. worldofamummy

    Thanks for the comments – it was a fantastic day and I recommend it to everyone. Sadly, while I now have moved out of beige skirt and pastel jumpers I still have curly dry messy hair and my best attempts at make-up look like a pre-teen let loose in her mum’s make-up drawer! Some way to go before I actually look professional!

  5. J Wilson

    I’m afraid i would be horrified if there wasnt a changing room….. was thinking about trying this idea but I think I might now phone ahead to check arrangements !

    • worldofamummy

      I think if you feel a bit self conscious they leave you in peace in your massive dressing room – certainly hope so as I sent hubby there a few months ago!

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