It’s been a long time with no blogging: so here is an update of all thats been going on since Christmas.

Ben is a mischievous little scamp who likes to play tricks on us (hiding behind me in Tesco’s, making me think he was missing etc…) and is well potty trained. We have accidents but nothing major (well – as long as you don’t mind cleaning up the odd poo and wee).

Ciaran can now crawl. He does a cross between a commando wriggle (which Ben did) and a proper crawl, pulling his knees up occasionally to give himself extra oomph. He is a very determined baby and no matter how many times we drag him away from the fireplace, DVD’s or the potty he keeps going back.

My long-suffering husband is at home for a few weeks before he starts his new job, on the one hand he seems (two days into it) to be bonding well with Ben, but this is bringing out Ben’s cheeky streak. It didn’t take much prompting to get Ben to shout big bum at the top of his voice today when we were at Nando’s – and it was left to me to be the strict parent, strain my face to prevent the giggles coming out and to tell Ben that it wasn’t nice to shout in a restaurant and he shouldn’t say Big Bum to me when we’re out.

My husband and I have been together (as of tonight) for ten years and 1 day. As his birthday and valentines day is coming up I decided to combine ten years together, well done on a new job, his birthday present from me and the kids and valentines day present into one mega present, which I gave to him at the weekend as he seemed to need some distraction from the stresses of winding up after 7 years in one job. I gave him (ultimate wife sacrifice….) Band Hero.

I expected him to fall on the guitar (he’s a keen guitar player) and leave the mike and drums for occasional use. Instead he has become a drummer. He loves it so much that today when we were out he bought the guitar hero game (much more rocky, manly music) and has order the Beatles Rock Band on amazon. It’s an odd present to give him as:

1. I am famously intolerant of his practising the same song over and over on his guitar (if I’ve heard More than Words once I’ve heard it 200 times)
2. It is too big to go anywhere other than the lounge – preventing me from lounging on the sofa and watching my programmes in comfort.
3. It is hard to drag a man away from a video game – throw in music as well and you might as well forget about getting the ivy pulled down, door frames painted and doors planed.

Despite all this I bought it for him and have even been roped in to accompany him on vocals (again a huge surprise as no-one who has heard me sing would ever think I could boost someone’s score with my singing) and as long as we don’t try anything too deep we can muddle through with him on drums and me singing/ wailing.

I’ve made a big change. I decided over Christmas that I should start looking at jobs. While we can cope on one salary it’s nerve-wracking to know that an interest rate rise will create havoc and it’s hard to enjoy a meal out when you constantly add up the bill in your head and wonder if you can absorb the cost by cutting back on groceries etc…

I also thought that I might benefit from being away from the home, spending time with adults and doing tasks that have a definite end (when you’ve clerked the meeting and written the minutes it’s over and you move onto preparing the agenda for the next meeting; potty training goes on and on with accidents for years).

I love my boys and don’t want to be away from them too much or take on a role with management responsibilities so I was looking at taking a small pay cut and hoped to be over-qualified enough to negotiate a part-time package of 4 days a week.

I was pretty excited therefore to get a call from an old colleague who has been promoted and asked if I would be interested in doing some committee work, initially on a temporary basis. The salary was only slightly less than my old salary and I managed to negotiate a 28 hour week over 4 days, giving me every Friday at home with the kids (barring a committee crisis, which is unlikely on a Friday as even elected member’s have a life and can think of better things to do on a Friday than have a meeting).

I am scared and excited in equal measures. I’ve been given a list of the committee’s I’ll cover and started reading the minutes online – scary reading in some cases – and most excitingly of all I’ve been forced to go shopping! So peace out to all and sundry in blog land.


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