Homemade Christmas 1

29 November 2009

It’s nearly December and I have been secretly beavering away behind the scenes. This year (after I decided to give up work) hubby and I had a little chat about Christmas; we set budgets for the kids pressies, agreed to treat ourselves to something for the house (new microwave or DVD player) and had a £5-10 budget for other family members.

I love Christmas. I love finding great presents for my family and to be honest couldn’t think of much in the under a tenner bracket that wouldn’t look totally tacky and naff so I suggested that I make some jams and stuff, initally to supplement the cheapo pressie but I eventually decided no cheapo presents would be given – just homemade stuff.

So far I have made:

Courgette chutney (from the good food website)
Smoky Tomato chutney (from Delia Online)
Plum and berry jam (my own recipe – polishes halo)
Mango Chutney (from a receipe book – I forget which one)
Marmalade (one very thick cut by accident, one much finer cut)
Festive Biscotti (from Good Food website)
Ultimate Chocolate Biscotti (my own recipe)

So far hubby has been nonplussed. He moans if he comes home from an evening meeting to find a grubby looking wife pouring chutney into sterilised jars and the house stinking of vinegar, we’re going to give a box of treats to his family too but he doesn’t seem to think this makes up for the stink and he could have a point.

Now I don’t want to give the game away so I’m going to publish the saga of my final count down to a homemade Christmas after event.

So far we have loads of little jars (half pound) and big jars (pound) filled and some of them have been neatly labelled, covered and ties up with a nice Lakeland decorative set. This week I need to do the following:

Get Ben to go wild with crayons and glitter on the plain brown flat packed boxes I got from IKEA.
Get hubby to build aforementioned flat packed boxes
Provide hubby with coffee and beg him to go and buy some boxes if it all goes wrong above.
Label last jars
Make lemon curd (will it last long enough? I’d make it the week before Christmas but hubby is swopping Xmas pressies with his family next weekend – gulp).
Take some biscotti out of the freezer and bake them, pop them in pretty jars.
Make a ‘cake in a jar’ mix
Make up boxes for hubby’s parents and his brother.
Tie boxes with pretty ribbon and hope that hubby doesn’t break anything on the way to Bath and that they don’t think we are cheap gyppo’s.

Wish me retrospective luck!



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3 responses to “Homemade Christmas 1

  1. Mmm, sounds delicious. I miss chutney here, maybe I should make my own too! Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. worldofamummy

    oh make your own – only trouble is the smell of boiled vinegar is very very strong!

  3. I am massively impressed with all your homemaking efforts! I am not really a chutney fan, but have no issue with the smell of vinegar, because I’m strange. Your homemade chocolate biscotti sounds lovely, any chance you can post the recipe or email it over?

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