Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas to everyone. I’ve nearly finished wrapping – yes my oh so talented husband wrapped his weeks ago and told me not to leave it to the last-minute, but wrapping is so depressing that I left it to this morning and have nearly finished it now.

I have an excuse I have been busy setting up a website and writing a book about school admission appeals (something my husband hasn’t had to do, giving him ample time to wrap presents). Finally, I am in a position to unveil the all new, all singing, all dancing school appeals website.

It’s at and I really hope that it will be helpful to anyone who is applying for or appealing for a place at school.

Well that’s it for now – chicken and stuffing ball bake is cooking in the oven, Ben is collapsed on the sofa, asleep after getting thoroughly over excited, website done, wrapping nearly done and we are in a position now to crack open the Christmas spirit.

I’m off to eat my lunch and go on a reindeer hunt with the kids and I hope that everyone else has finished wrapping presents and is ready to enjoy a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.


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