A quiet cuddle

It’s nice to have a quiet moment every now and then. A chance to reflect on how much you love your children, how blessed you are to have them.

Today my quiet moment came at the end of the day, around half six I took the kids up for a bath while my other finished dinner. We had the usual crazy splashing, arguing about who could hold which toy (Ben it seems has first dibs on each toy in the bath, sometimes Ciaran has to go without). Ben stood wrapped in a towel drying himself while I dried and dressed Ciaran.

His Daddy quickly popped Ben’s PJ’s on and took him downstairs to dish up dinner, I then joined them. Ciaran rolled on the lounge floor angry that he wasn’t having his bottle straight after his bath.

Inevitably mess and chaos emanated from Ben’s plate (his Daddy didn’t know that a toddler finds it easier to eat shepherd’s pie if it’s in a bowl and the spoon can be pushed up against the edge) and a lot of laughter and appreciative noises for Daddy’s first ever shepherd’s pie (hopefully his next target will be Sunday roast with all the trimmings).

After singing the bedtime song with CBeebies and polishing off a large plate of dinner I took Ciaran upstairs with his bottle. Once he was zipped into his sleeping bag and cradled into the crook of my arm with a bottle in his mouth his wriggly, frustrated body relaxed and he shut his eyes – blissed out after an annoying day of being dragged away from the Christmas tress and being frustrated by not being able to crawl or walk.

You couldn’t look at him and not feel a sense of calm and serenity. My littlest man, tired after another fun day, ready to rest up for another busy day tomorrow. All the frustrations of potty training set backs (Ben is going through a wee on the carpet stage), trying to proof read a book and set up a website in my spare time (hollow laugh) ebbed from my body and I reminded myself of my blessings.

1. Two beautiful boys, each born on the 28th of the month (if I start doing the lottery I am sure that would be my lucky number).
2. A husband who can cook fancy dinners (his chinese beef with pak choi is to die for) but will also try his hand at bog standard dinners.
3. A close-knit supportive family.

I hope that everyone else gets a few minutes away from the hurly burly tonight to remember why they love their families.



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4 responses to “A quiet cuddle

  1. brighteyesblue

    You are a lucky woman………my husband doesn’t cook! Still grateful for everything else in my life though.

  2. worldofamummy

    I am lucky (we both had to learn to cook when we moved in together and realised that neither of us could handle anything more complicated than the chinese take-away menu!).

    It’s just hard to remember that I’m lucky sometimes…

  3. What a lovely post. I really love those moments. T me it feels like the rest of the world just drifts away. Magical. By the way I completely sympathise on the website thing with you I’m going through exactly the same!

    • worldofamummy

      Thanks Kim – the whole website thing is a pain in the bum. I wanted something more than a basic template (what you see is what you get) but thought that wordpress.com would be like wordpress.org and that it would be a piece of cake to do. Ha ha ha…. (it puts a whole new meaning to kitchen table industry when you are talking to a live online helpdesk whilst stirring a christmas cake!).

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