Writing Workshop – sympathy for the devil?

This post is part of the writing workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak. I’ve picked writing prompt 4 (putting myself in the mindset of someone else). I’ve put myself into the mind of someone I don’t have a lot of time for but I increasingly feel some sympathy for…

Dear Diary,

Do you ever wonder why everything you touch goes so hideously wrong. I have achieved all I ever dreamed of; I spent years filled with bitterness, yearning for this, unable to accept the achievements I had already made; and yet now I’ve realised that this is a poisoned chalice, made to taste worst by the fact I so desperately and publicly hungered for this.

I knew that it would be hard work, harder than my previous job but I have always relished a challenge and I have never been afraid to work hard. Everyone hates me. The world, the media and my colleauges have turned into playground bullies, if I don’t smile I am called a miserable git, if I smile it is innapropriate. Everyone watches me all the time waiting to find something to complain about.

Take the wretched letter… if I had a letter typed up for me then I could be slated for my cold impersonal touch and to be honest I believe that this was a letter I had to write myself, without help from aides, somethings have to come from the heart. Yet, rather than acknowledging that in an increasingly cold, unpersonable world I took the time to write a letter of condolance the press slammed my writing and spelling, accusing me of not caring.

I don’t want to drag my family into the spotlight like some but I too have a disabled child, I too have suffered heartache when our premature daughter died in 2001 but there is precious little sympathy for me. Ever.

Comics take the mickey out my eyes, my accent, my demeanour. It’s as if my policies and work as a prime minister is so accepted as a joke that nobody bothers with it anymore. I can take the criticism over my failed policies, over the deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan, over the amount of third world debt left but please make the press stop picking on me as a person.



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7 responses to “Writing Workshop – sympathy for the devil?

  1. you are right, you don’t need to agree withsome one to feel some sympathy for them. This is a clkever piece that looks at the person behind the ‘persona’ and tackles in a sensitive way, the power the media have to slew our perceptions.

    Thanks for righting a thought provoking piece.

    • worldofamummy

      Thanks Naomi – I just wish that the press would focus on why he’s an awful politician rather than his personality (I never throught I’d be supporting Gordon Brown!)

  2. can’t believe my typos BTW!!!


    clever and writing – please insert correct words into your brain as you read! 🙂

  3. this is something I have never understood, instead of saying so and so is bad at their job because… they say yeah, he’s bad and look at his funny eyes or whatever. What the heck has his appearance got to do with how well someone does or doesn’t do their job?

  4. That took me a while to crack on to who it was but when I realised it all sank in!

    Lovely piece!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Very clever.

    And yes, helps us to see that to slam a man professionally is one thing, but there is never a need to get personal. Unfortunately with our tabloid press that’s almost an inevitability…


  6. I’m glad there are others that feel this way. I’ve felt very sorry for the way Gordon has been treated. He may not have been successful at his job, but I’m sure he has always tried, and that doesn’t make him a bad person. Before judging anyone I always ask myself whether I believe they set out with the intention to cause hurt or damage…it is rarely the case, but humans are fallible.

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