Most gross

Warning – this post contains some very, very gross incidents.

Yesterday Ben was a little snotty and said a few times that he was tired/ not well etc… but as this has been his catchphrase for the last week I no longer pay attention – yes dear that’s nice, get up from the floor and play with your rocket etc…


He’s been doing so well with potty training – miraculously we are past the hellish stage of watching him like a hawk and now just leave him to get on with it and get to his potty for a poo or wee and it he does very well (one tiny accident in five days!). This gives me freedom to do the things that a few weeks ago caused a major headache, like put away the shopping.

So, when Mr Sainsbury’s came with all the bags of shopping I was able to take a little time and check items off the list to make sure nothing was missing while Ben played in the lounge. I came across the first problem, two loaves of white bread, I instantly rolled my eyes assuming that these had been given to me instead of the two packs of crumpets I ordered as a treat for us all – but no in the next bag my crumpets where there, along with the usual loaf of granary.

Strangely I also had twelve white baps and some bagels. I double checked the list wondering if a certain big someone had sneaked onto the laptop and added a load of white bread goodies without telling me – no. I hadn’t paid for them but I had been given them.

After a bit of deliberation I decided to call Sainsbury’s – hopefully they wouldn’t want to send a driver back for a couple of loaves and then I could keep them with a clear concience. The nice lady apologised and asked if I would dispose of them – well I personally don’t like white bread much but I know someone who does so I bravely agreed to ‘dispose’ of the extra bread.

Given the extra bread I decided that instead of sharing a veggie stir fry with me and Ciaran Ben could try a bacon roll. Sadly I didn’t have any tomato ketchup (weaning Ben off it is easier when I don’t replace the bottle!) so it was simply a couple of low fat smoked medallions and sliced tomato’s in a bap. I cooked his and gave it to him to eat while I started stir frying (can’t you see how much I love the freedom to be in a different room to him again!).

I dragged the highchair into the lounge a few minutes later and glancing over at Ben’s table saw him still eating away, I went over to ask if it was nice and got a shock.

While my little boy calmly ate his roll there was vomit down the side of the table. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to want to eat if I feel sicky and I certainly don’t carry on eating after being sick. I got him up and stripped his T-Shirt off and confiscated the puke inducing roll. As this led to a major protest I let him sit on the sofa with a dry bread roll to eat.

Ciaran was staging his own protest in the high chair so I grabbed a few strips of baby sweetcorn for him to get stuck into while I disinfected the table and checked whether Ben felt like he might be sick again No Mummy, no sick, me fine – so I tentatively sat down to my stir fry (not that I had a huge appetite!).

Ben has been fine since then, so it was possibly just a strong gag reflex if he swallowed a whole slice of bacon (quite possible given the speed he eats at) but I can honestly say I never thought I would see anyone sitting so happily eating dinner next to vomit but there you go – parenting is full of suprises!

In a nice mummy move I agreed to cook with him in the afternoon – we had flour and sugar so I made gingerbread men following the recipe on Cook UK (I added a whole teaspoon of ginger instead of a half). Ben had great fun using the weird shaped IKEA cutters and they cooked nicely. My only warnings about this recipe are

1. Its very mild, I think next time I’ll be adding two spoons of ginger (although DH said that was how he liked it – just a hint of ginger).
2. Its very, very moreish and dunks in tea brilliantly.

Well that’s it. My diet is well and truly scuppered, all three men loved the biscuits and I have a feeling we’ll be cooking it again soon. I had hoped to be good and just have a blow out on Christmas day but I suppose that gluttony in the build up to Xmas is part of the fun and I am going to let myself go and eat what ever I fancy for the next few weeks – ready to slim down again in January.


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