When one problem ends..

Aaaah! We are going great with potty training. We are now at the stage where Ben takes himself to his potty, does a poo or wee with no interferance. If you do try to encourage too much he deliberately refuses to go and that led to one accident yesterday but one tiny accident in three days is pretty impressive. Go Ben, Go Mummy, Go Daddy – we did it dry and clean in the daytime (more or less).

And so onto the next headache in my life. I mentioned before that I had a major headache trying to install wordpress.org onto a one.com hosted site. In retrospect it was easy, I was given duff info and only uploaded half of what I should. WordPress is now and up and running and I’ve hit the next big problem.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=computer&iid=7291583″ src=”4/6/7/6/Closeup_of_a_c485.jpg?adImageId=8084531&imageId=7291583″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]Customising a theme. I picked atahuala, it looks pretty and is ‘easy to customise’. I want to put my own header image in and apparently this is simple, but once again I am foiled by the IT experts. They write the wretched programmes, and for them and all of their clever IT savvy friends re-programming a bit of CSS is something they do for fun whilst hoovering. For me it is very very hard.

I feel so frustrated, I actually thought I had cracked it last night (I managed to make colours change through the torturous route of pick a colour and then find out what the code for that colour is!) I programmed it to make links appear in bold etc… Surely selecting an image for the header is a piece of cake – no.

Why can’t they make a totally idiot proof customisable theme for people like me who don’t want to do scary CSS things, and just want to click on this colour, that colour and here is my header image thank you very much?

I’m going to quit now. Ciaran is napping and Ben has had his 30 minutes of CBeebies while I ‘pop on to fix the header’. I need tea, biscuits and a cuddle.


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